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MIT's new self-driving car navigates without road markings
MIT's new self-driving car navigates without road markings

Researchers at MIT have built a self-driving car that doesn’t rely on the intense amount of technology needed to make self-driving cars work in urban environments. Instead, the car is meant for use on rural roads. MIT calls the technology Maplite. The new technology works by combining GPS...Read More» self-driving car service starting in Texas
Self-driving vans ready to shuttle riders in Dallas suburb this summer

After-work happy hour will never be the same in Frisco, Texas. That's because the nation's first on-demand self-driving car service said Wednesday that it will begin testing vans that can be summoned on-demand via a smartphone app for rides between an office park and an entertainment district built...Read More»

Waymo self-driving prototype
Self-driving car using Google-owned Waymo tech involved in crash

A car that veered into oncoming traffic struck a self-driving minivan operated by Google's Waymo division in suburban Phoenix last week. The crash was the second in a six-week span involving autonomous test vehicles in Arizona. Unlike the fatal crash in March involving a Volvo XC90 using Uber's...Read More»

Site of Toyota's self-driving test facility at Michigan Technical Resource Park
Toyota to use new self-driving car test track to simulate risky emergency maneuvers

Toyota said Thursday that it plans to open a self-driving car test facility outside Detroit to reproduce scenarios that too risky to execute on public roads. The 60-acre Toyota Research Institute-run site, scheduled to open in October, will simulate "congested urban environments, slick surfaces and...Read More»

AutonomouStuff self-driving prototype running Baidu Apollo 2.0 software
California DMV reveals more hurdles ahead for self-driving cars

The California Department of Motor Vehicles explained on Monday one of the reasons why self-driving cars aren't buzzing around the Golden State's roads: human drivers still have to take over too often. In response to a request from the DMV, eight companies intent on putting driverless cars on...Read More»

Chevrolet Cruise AV self-driving car
Self-driving "drone" cars should be on California roads, except that they're not

Monday was supposed to be a big day for driverless cars in California that would make history and send fleets of self-driving vehicles onto roadways. Except it wasn't. History will have to wait. April 2 was supposed to be the day that the California DMV would begin issuing permits to the 50 or so...Read More»

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback
Toyota puts brakes on self-driving car development, for now

After the fatal pedestrian collision in Tempe, Arizona, Sunday involving a Volvo XC90 crossover fitted with Uber's self-driving technology, Toyota says it is halting testing of its autonomous car tech. The automaker has paused on-road development of its Chauffeur Autonomous System on all public...Read More»

Uber logo
Police chief: Uber self-driving car may not be at fault in fatal Arizona crash

The Uber test car involved in a fatal crash in Tempe, Arizona, may not be at fault, the city's police chief said Tuesday. Tempe police chief Sylvia Moir chief instead suggested that the impact between a pedestrian and a Volvo XC90 equipped with self-driving technology couldn't have been avoided...Read More»

Volvo Cars and Uber join forces to develop autonomous driving cars
Feds to investigate fatal Uber self-driving car crash

Both the NTSB and the NHTSA will investigate the fatal crash between a self-driving Uber experimental vehicle and a pedestrian walking a bicycle in Tempe, Arizona. In a statement, the NHTSA said that it is "in contact with Uber, Volvo, federal, state and local authorities regarding the incident."...Read More»

Uber’s Volvo XC90 autonomous car prototype
Self-driving Uber car in Arizona hits, kills bicyclist

A self-driving car being tested in suburban Phoenix hit and killed a woman on Sunday, in the first reported fatality between an autonomous vehicle and a pedestrian. The Uber test vehicle, a Volvo XC90, reportedly hit a female cyclist outside of a crosswalk in Tempe, Arizona. According to Tempe...Read More»

Audi Traffic Light Information System, Las Vegas
Traffic lights in Washington, D.C., can now talk to cars

Washington, D.C., is the latest city to link its traffic system to cars equipped with vehicle-to-infrastructure, or V2I, communication, Audi said today. Audi is the first automaker to include V2I technology on some of its vehicles, a critical step toward self-driving cars. Right now, the benefits...Read More»

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota to streamline its self-driving car development

Toyota said last week that it will invest billions into creating a new, wholly-owned company devoted exclusively to researching and developing self-driving cars Partnering with automotive suppliers Aisin and Denso, Toyota says that it is investing $2.8 billion into the Toyota Research...Read More»

Self-driving Ford Fusion Hybrid for Domino's pizza delivery
Ford, Domino's to use self-driving cars to deliver pizzas in Miami

Ford is ready to pizza delivery drivers out of the picture in one of the most congested cities in the country: Miami. The automaker said Monday that Miamians will eventually see self-driving Ford vehicles delivering Domino's Pizza while navigating their city's challenging streets with a human...Read More»

Uber launches self-driving pilot in San Francisco with Volvo Cars
California's new rules turn self-driving cars into remotely operated, road-going drones

The nation's most populous state is taking drivers out of cars, but not out of the equation entirely. California regulators approved Monday rules that will remove the requirement for a human to be in the driver's seat for backup. Instead, companies like Google's Waymo self-driving cars division...Read More»

Utah takes step toward putting self-driving cars on its roads

In an effort to lower the number of drunk or distracted drivers on the road, Utah is on pace to become the first state to fully legalize self-driving cars. Legislators in the state's House Transportation Committee gave the nod Wednesday to a bill that would make self-driving cars legal in the...Read More»

Nissan and Dena Easy Ride self-driving taxi service
Nissan to begin self-driving taxi trial in Japan

Nissan will begin trials of a new autonomous taxi service in Japan starting March 5. Called Easy Ride, the service offers users of the app a “robo-vehicle” that also behaves like a concierge, making suggestions along its route. The service was co-developed with DeNA, one of...Read More»

Waymo self-driving prototype
Google's Waymo approved to begin self-driving ride-share across Arizona

Waymo's driverless ride-sharing service has won a race against Uber in Arizona—and the company did it without a driver at the wheel. Waymo, Google’s self-driving car division, secured approval from the state of Arizona last month to operate as a Transportation Networking Company (TNC)...Read More»

Hyundai Nexo self-driving prototype
Nebraska wants in on self-driving car boom

Nebraska is eager to become a self-driving car development hub. State legislators presented on Tuesday two measures aimed at creating an environment friendly to driverless cars. Nebraska has two competing proposals under consideration. The first, championed by Senator Tyson Larson, would allow for...Read More»

Uber self-driving prototype in San Francisco
Uber, Google's Waymo reach out-of-court settlement over self-driving car tech

Friday morning in a courtroom in San Francisco, trial lawyers representing Google's Waymo self-driving car technology division accepted a $245 million settlement offer from Uber. The settlement represents an anticlimactic end to what was expected to be a drawn-out trial between the two mobility...Read More»

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