Want Ford's Sync System To Call 911? Get The Dealer Upgrade
Want Ford's Sync System To Call 911? Get The Dealer Upgrade

In light of yesterday's news from the Centers for Disease Control that Onstar raises accident survival rates, owners of Fords with the Sync system may wonder about their own chances using the similar system. Ford has recently added a "911 Assist" function to the latest version of Sync, which is...Read More»

2010 Ford Escape
2010 Ford Escape Will Be Safer, More Teen/Idiot-Proof

The economy may be in the tank, and your 401k may have sunk to piggy bank proportions, but that's okay, because we have great news: the 2010 Ford Escape is going to be safer than ever. Feel better now? The folks at the Big Blue Oval are adding five features to the new Escape, some of which seem...Read More»

2008 Hyundai i30cw
Hyundai Reaches with i30cw

On its Frankfurt motor show stand, Hyundai revealed a new tall-wagon variant for its i30 model line, which is new for 2008. The i30cw, which is reportedly destined for U.S.shores next year in slightly different form as the Elantra wagon, has what is called a “new wagon design philosophy,” which...Read More»

Soviet-era ekranoplan
New Products: March 2006

Corgi iCar, $34.99 Your iPod gets lonely, too. And no, all those half-clothed videos you've downloaded on it won't keep it company. What you need is something almost totally useless-something like Corgi's iCar, a desktop totem that plugs into your iPod and turns an ordinary model of an Escalade or...Read More»

2010 Subaru Tribeca
2007 Subaru B9 Tribeca Noses Ahead

Met with criticism of the vehicle’s front-end styling, Subaru’s done a quick nose job on the B9 Tribeca to soften the vehicle’s grille. At the same time, the blackout grille and available chrome trim package are teamed with updates to the 2007 model, including newly available satellite radio...Read More»

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