Fitness-to-Drive Identifies At-Risk Older Drivers
Fitness-to-Drive Identifies At-Risk Older Drivers

Every so often, a politician or advocacy group floats the idea of instituting driver's tests for older drivers. Such ideas have never gained much traction. Maybe that's because organizations like the AARP carry massive political weight. Or maybe it's because younger people don't like the idea of...Read More»

Bob Lutz 2004
How Old Is Too Old To Drive?

In politics, there are plenty of "third-rail" topics that candidates try to avoid. Many of those issues are hugely important to one major demographic: senior citizens. But older voters aren't just concerned with Social Security and Medicare. They're also worried about personal freedom and...Read More»

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AARP Argues For Mass Transit, Road Safety Improvements

Over the next several years, as the Baby Boomer generation nears retirement age, the total number of drivers age 65 and older is expected to surge. By 2025, one in every five drivers will be over 65—so it makes sense to get our roads ready for those who'll keep driving and other have other...Read More»

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Will 'Rising Tide' Of Elderly Drivers Lead To A New Safety Agenda?

How, and at what point do you limit when older drivers can get behind the wheel—or decided if they're still okay to drive at all? Those are among many tough questions we face as our driving population ages, and they're among the concerns currently being covered in a National Transportation...Read More»

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