Spy Shots: 2010 MINI Cooper Convertible
Spy Shots: 2010 MINI Cooper Convertible

Yesterday, we showed you the first photos of the MINI E electric car coming to the Los Angeles auto show. Today, TheCarConnection.com's spies have nabbed the new MINI Cooper Convertible while testing. These photos show a Cooper S convertible in almost showroom trim, wearing only a small amount of...Read More»

2009 Mercedes Benz GL Class 3.0L BlueTec
Diesel Urea Injection: Fact and Fiction

Myths abound about the new generation of clean diesels set to sweep the marketplace this fall (Mercedes E, R, ML, and GL, BMW 3 Series and X5, Audi Q7, Q5, A4, A3, VW Jetta TDI). In an attention-getting headline, our sometimes cynical peers over at Jalopnik blasted this one today: "New Benz BlueTec...Read More»

GM Logo
Chrysler/GM Deal Close, Says AP

A GM/Chrysler deal, while still a speculative move, rings in as an increasingly strong possibility, claims a number of industry insiders, including "a person familiar with the negotiations," said the Associated Press, the Detroit News reports today. Insiders claim that the pace of talks between the...Read More»

2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport
Buy a Truck, Save a Buck

Both Ford and Chrysler are offering significant discounts and/or rebates for their freshly redesigned '09 full-size trucks, reports Automotive News. Ford offers a $2,500 for every trade-in of its F-150, while Chrysler offers cash discounts of up to $2,000 on the '09 Dodge Ram. Apparently, these...Read More»

TheCarConnection iPhone
TheCarConnection: What We're Up To

We've been busy this summer at TheCarConnection.com--and as we steam ahead into the 2009 model year, we thought it'd be a good time to bring you up to date on what's happening from our editorial team and from our rapidly growing site. Car Reviews and Blogs First off, the name Bengt Halvorson is...Read More»

Mini E
MINI E First Lithium-Ion Electric Vehicle to Market

On Saturday, BMW Group announced it will be the first auto manufacturer to market with the vaunted lithium-ion battery technology. We knew that BMW was announcing an all-electric MINI at the L.A. Auto Show this November, but were unaware it would be powered by lithium-ion technology. Currently...Read More»

Dodge Resurrects HEMI Hi-Po, Retro Colors, Street Cred for SEMA

Despite a sick economy, days ago rumors of a merger with GM, and the tenuous scenario of being owned by Cerberus Capital Management, the Mopar folks at Dodge intend to put on one heck of a show at this year's Specialty Equipment Market Association humongo gathering (aka SEMA). We reported to you...Read More»

Car Shoppers Using Internet More as Market Shifts

J.D. Power and Associates today released their 2008 New Autoshopper.com Study, which indicates an increasing number of shoppers turning to the Internet to research vehicles as buying trends shift toward smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles; 75 percent of buyers are using the internet in '08...Read More»

Cell Phone Safety
Cell Phone Software Reduces "Driving While Distracted"

There is mounting pressure against using that mobile phone while driving, even if you go the safe route of hands-free, Bluetooth talking. From the AP Wire, a new mobile phone technology developed by Canadian software firm Aegis Mobility was announced Monday. The software, called DriveAssist, works...Read More»

Car Fire
Microheat Cooked by GM Recall

Recently announcing that it would become ever tougher on underperforming suppliers, GM has not only banished Microheat as a supplier of heated windshield washer systems for its premium vehicles, but it has allegedly withheld payments since June and wants Microheat to pay between $ 20 and 25 million...Read More»

Tesla Roadster
Tesla in Trouble?

U.K.'s CAR reports that Tesla is rumored to be laying off 100 staff due to--you guessed it--the global financial mess. Kicking it while it's down, CEO Ze'ev Drori is rumored to be leaving as well. This follows Tesla's recent announcement of a proposed factory in San Jose, California. This marks a...Read More»

Interstate 22
An Era Begins, and Ends, on Interstate 22

While Detroit may be suffering epic pangs from its decade of overindulgence, it's not alone. The whole of the auto industry is facing the screeching halt to years of rapid expansion in capacity, and the era may finally be coming to a close in tiny Blue Springs, Mississippi, the home of Toyota's...Read More»

CAR McLaren P11 Spy Shot
McLaren P11 Spy Shots Released by U.K.'s CAR

Saying "we can’t reveal our sources, for obvious reasons," U.K. publication CAR yesterday released what it claims are accurate pictures of an early clay model of McLaren's next supercar, the P11. The new vehicle is purported to continue the tradition of the legendary F1 (fastest production car...Read More»

2009 Mercedes Benz CL Class 5.5L V12
Mercedes-Benz CL550: Your Fin de Siecle Moment

If it's the end of an era of excess, the Mercedes-Benz CL550 sure doesn't know it. This week, while the market is pole-dancing for Hugo Chavez' entertainment, while Palin and Biden and Obama and McCain are all trying to convince you a cure is on the way and really offering no evidence to support...Read More»

GM Factory
More GM Plant Closings on December 23

Right on the heels of its October 4 announcement of an accelerated Moraine, Ohio, plant closing, an ailing General Motors announced that it will also cease production at its Janesville, Wisconsin, plant on the same day, December 23. Further, it announced closure of its Grand Rapids stamping plant...Read More»

Detroit Tiger Stadium
Buy American and Drive a Piece of Baseball History

Buy some American steel and you may just be purchasing a little bit of baseball history. More than 94 percent of Detroit's historic Tiger Stadium, reports CBS News, is being recycled in a move that will yield a profit estimated to be in the millions to the City of Detroit, which owns the stadium...Read More»

Audi Mileage Marathon
Audi Diesels Top Expectations in Cross-Country Marathon

Last week TheCarConnection.com brought you an update from Audi’s Mileage Marathon, a 4,800-mile tour with a fleet of clean-diesel TDI diesel vehicles. On the first day alone, a Q7 achieved 31.8 mpg on the New York-to-Washington leg--including battling Manhattan stop-and-go traffice. For the same...Read More»

Hummer Dealership
GMAC Forced to Tighten Lending Requirements

Even if you are among the shrinking number of Americans who want to snag a screaming deal on a new GM vehicle, better make sure you have cash on hand or that your credit score is at least 700. Reports Automotive News, yesterday GMAC Financial Services announced "it will only lend money to prime...Read More»

2006 Chevrolet TrailBlazer 4-door 2WD LS Side Exterior View
TrailBlazer, Envoy Latest Casualties of War

GM has confirmed that the Moraine, Ohio, plant that builds GMT360 SUVs (Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy, Saab 9-7x) will be shuttered just in time for Christmas. That's the lump of coal that 1,100 Moraine workers will be getting in their stockings this December 23. Originally, the plant was supposed...Read More»

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