TheCarConnection.com's Holiday Housecleaning Giveaway Extravaganza, Day 2
TheCarConnection.com's Holiday Housecleaning Giveaway Extravaganza, Day 2

OK, pencils down. We have a winner for Day 1 of TCC's giveaway extravaganza--and it's Jack, who commented on the Day 1 post to win a BMW 7 Series press kit, Moleskine notebook, and marvy 7 Series pen. Jack gets points for trying to make us all laugh on a trying day in automotive history: "Will...Read More»

Twelve Days of Christmas: The Tailgate Sling Chair

OK, so we’re not aware of many things more useful than a barbecue pit or a hoops backboard attached to your truck’s trailer hitch. But then, on our way out west, we skimmed through the best catalog you can shop from at 35,000 feet—yep, Skymall—and found the perfect accoutrement to your...Read More»

The White House, Washington, D.C.  [Creative Commons license by dcjohn]
Big Three Bailout Dead; White House Signals TARP Action

With the collapse of the Congressional bill to offer $14 billion in loans to the Detroit automakers, attention turns this morning to the White House, to Wall Street and to the UAW. The White House signaled this morning that it may open the TARP fund of $700 billion--established to resuscitate the...Read More»

BMW 7-Series kit
TheCarConnection.com's Holiday Housecleaning Giveaway Extravaganza, Day 1

The office is a mess--and it's been that way for a while. So get ready with your keyboard and your comments-- TheCarConnection.com is getting rid of some fun gear and you can win it without hardly lifting a finger. All you have to do is write a comment on a story you see here at TheCarConnection...Read More»

Bosnia speed sign
The Rules of the Road: Bosnia, Herzegovina Go Graphic

You have to admit, the U.S. has a hit-and-miss record on consumer safety. On the one hand, we don't allow melamine in our dog food. On the other, we have warnings on our cigarette packs like--and I paraphrase--"Smoking may cause lung cancer. Just saying," while other countries devote half the...Read More»

2008 Tesla Roadster
Tesla Hands Over Roadster #100 to Oprah's Right-Hand Man

While it busies itself lobbying for $400 million in Big Three Bailout money, electric-car startup Tesla says it's handed over the keys of its 100th Roadster to its new owner. KickingTires.com reports the pop-culture tidbit attached: the new owner isn't Governator Schwarzenegger or one of Tesla's...Read More»

2009 Acura TSX
Honda Delaying Diesels for U.S.?

We've reported before that the diesel-powered Acura TSX has been "delayed indefinitely," but now the Detroit Free Press is reporting that Honda's diesels are on the back burner because of expensive materials. The Freep might have missed the story from October, in which it was reported that the...Read More»

Detroit Tiger Stadium
Big Three Bailout: The Votes Still Aren't There

The White House and Congressional leaders are finally in sync on a Big Three bailout--but Republican senators against the current version of the bill floating around the Capitol have enough votes to block it. The Associated Press reports the votes still aren't there for a bridge-loan package for GM...Read More»

2009 Audi R8 V-10
Audi Heading Back to Super Bowl

Last year, German automaker Audi went to the Super Bowl for the first time in decades--advertising during the NFL championship game with a spot that showed off the brand and its wunderbar 2008 Audi R8 supercar. Audi says the spot was so successful, it's heading back to the big game in January...Read More»

Mio and Navigon GPS
Twelve Days of Christmas: GPS Units

Considering the number of portable GPS units on the market, it seems that as a nation, we have an incredible fear of being lost and/or not knowing where we are. Regardless of how fun it would be to dart down a rabbit trail commentary regarding our national consciousness, your author will stick to...Read More»

TheCarConnection.com's Most Infamous Cars Ever

The history of cars is full of heartwarming stories and happy endings—but just as full of dark corners, blind alleys and high-speed tragedy. Some cars have become part of our culture, because of their role in murder and mayhem. They're infamous. TheCarConnection.com's scanned through history and...Read More»

Detroit's Cobo Hall
Big Three Bailout: Stopgap Loan Could Come Today

Today's chapter in the Big Three Bailout saga could bring a stopgap loan to GM and Chrysler that would tide them over until President-Elect Barack Obama takes office next month. The Detroit News reports that the White House pegs a deal to free $15 billion in loans to GM and Chrysler as "very...Read More»

2009 Audi R8 V-10
2009 Detroit Auto Show: Audi R8 V-10

Here's a holiday present early--that is, if you believe in the power of 10 cylinders, instead of a big, fat man clogging up your chimney. It's the long-awaited, Lambo-powered version of Audi's fabulous R8 supercar. The new version of the R8 sports a 5.2-liter V-10 engine derived from the one in the...Read More»

Detroit Tiger Stadium
10 Cars Detroit Needs to Banish Forever

You can smell the wind of change in the Capitol--that gassy, bloated whiff that means lawmakers are warming up to the possibility of spending billions on a Big Three bailout. The deal's not sealed, though, and if Detroit has any chance for survival, it's time for a big, showy gesture. Showing up in...Read More»

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg golf cart
The Future of Detroit, Silicon Valley-Style

While the Big Three Bailout gets underway a second time in Washington, Silicon Valley's got a better idea for the future of commuting. No, we're not talking about Tesla and its hopes for a bailout of its own--or even the Fisker Karma. It's this golf cart powered by batteries and owned by the CEO of...Read More»

White House Detroit meeting
Big Three Bailout: The Votes Aren't There

The heads of Detroit's automakers are in Washington, D.C., today with a revised--and more PR-friendly--appeal for desperately needed loans, but the Senate's majority leader says the votes aren't there. The AP reports Sen. Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) as saying, "I just don't think we have the votes to do...Read More»

2009 Fisker Karma
2009 Fisker Karma: This Time It's Real, Or So They Say

The 2009 Detroit Auto Show is shaping up to be as happy as a visit to a chemo ward, but at least one automaker is bucking the trend of abandoning Cobo Hall for later shows: Fisker. The electric/hybrid carmaker--er, startup, since it hasn't built car one--says the 2009 Detroit show will showcase the...Read More»

Volvo logo
Big Three Bailout: Volvo Back on the Block, Ford Says

Word this morning that the Swedish government was taking an interest in Saab and Volvo has been followed by an official announcement by Ford that, once again, Volvo's future is up for grabs. In a brand-new press release, Ford says the "significant decline in the global auto industry particularly in...Read More»

Detroit Tiger Stadium
Big Three Bailout: TheCarConnection's Plan to Fix Detroit

After what was probably the least successful round of begging ever televised, the Big Three automakers are going back to Washington this week in a full-court press for a bailout--yes, a bailout, never mind how it's being couched or gladhanded. GM, Ford, and Chrysler want easy money and low-interest...Read More»

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