Illinois Subaru Parade Gets Guinness World Record
Illinois Subaru Parade Gets Guinness World Record

When we hear "Subaru", we're more likely to think of world rallies than world records. But last Saturday, Subaru of America set a new Guinness World Record for the largest parade of Subaru cars in the world: 339 of them, to be precise. The Guinness organization even sent an official adjudicator...Read More»

Sleazy Car Salesman
Dirty Dozen: The Most Awesomely Craptastic Car Commercials Ever

Yep, the economy's in the toilet and headed further south--where that final destination is, we can only guess. (Tierra del Fuego? Tampa?) Everyone's getting desperate--here at TCC we're stopping all deliveries of Costco cheese crackers --but car dealers are the worst off, so far as we can tell...Read More»

2008 Toyota Camry Solara Convertible
Toyota Won’t Restart Production Of Camry Solara Convertible

  Production of both the Camry Solara Coupe and Convertible was brought to a halt last year but while sales of the hard-top have already ceased you can still buy the convertible model, but not for too long according to comments from a Toyota rep. Due to poor sales in the midsize convertible...Read More»

GM Logo
Recall Alert: GM Cites Potential Fire Hazard in 1.5 Million Sedans

Clearly, this is not GM's week. Yesterday, everyone was talking about the company's nearly inevitable "surgical bankruptcy". Today, everyone's talking about a mechanical problem that could start engine fires in about 1.5 million GM sedans. At fault is a leak that could allow oil to drip onto the...Read More»

Repo Man
Madoff Loses Lexus And Other Luxuries

Poor Bernie Madoff. First the feds accused him of running a Ponzi scheme bigger than the the pyramid racket that took down Albania. (They're right.) Then people started razzing him for his name--which, in case you haven't heard, is pronounced "MADE-off". And now, another insult: Bernie's forfeiting...Read More»

2016 Cadillac CTS-V
Holiday Speed-Cam Coverup: Thanks Santa!

What's the best Christmas present ever, other than a new sportscar in the driveway under a big bow? How about a rogue crew of Santas covering up speed cameras, letting scofflaws have a holiday break? That's what happened in Tempe, Arizona, according to the AP. A quartet of Santas took over three...Read More»

Paris Hilton
Link Love From The Car Connection: Monday Edition

Here are a few recent stories that got away: Toyota's president cancels plan to attend Detroit Auto Show. Maybe he was trying to emulate his U.S. counterparts who motored to D.C. a few weeks back. Add "crossing the Pacific" to that list of things the Prius can't do. Technological innovation can...Read More»

UAW contract
Right Turn: The UAW Moves In for the Kill

This morning's $13.4 billion giveaway to the UAW by the Bush Administration wasn't so much a rescue for Detroit, as it is a time-out in the Big Three bailout drama--and a way for the UAW to escape the right-sizing haircut it deserves. In the space of a day, the story's gone from a sitcom to an...Read More»

Ford logo BEST
Ford Not Shopping for Chrysler

Fox News' Neil Cavuto just suggested that Ford and Chrysler are talking about a possible merger. Until now, pundits have posited that GM and Chrysler would re-engage in merger talks with any bailout plan offered by the government. This morning, President Bush gave the OK for massive loans to GM and...Read More»

Detroit's Cobo Hall
Big Three Bailout: Bush Offers Loans with Bankruptcy Strings

President Bush announced this morning that the government will pump nearly $14 billion into GM and Chrysler to ensure their survival into the new year, with an additional $4 billion to be made available in the spring. ABCNews reports the White House has signed off on low-interest loans for GM and...Read More»

Infectious stickers
Twelve Days of Christmas: Infectious Car Stickers

Do you dream of tricking out your K-car with a wack custom paint job? Do you awake to the gloomy reality of 9-to-5 life in a squaresville office gig? Well, worry no more; thanks to the friendly folks at Infectious.com, now you can bling up your ride for special occasions, then revert to employee...Read More»

Audiovox picture frame
TheCarConnection.com's Holiday Giveaway Grand Finale!

We've been rewarding you all week for kicking in comments on our blog--and today we're firing off 10 fabulous prizes in our Holiday Giveaway so we can ship them out tomorrow in time for Christmas. But first, yesterday's winner is JKD, who had an unfortunate experience with another iGo: Yes, it’s...Read More»

Offshore Oil Rig
Oil Production Cut, Prices to Rise. Maybe.

In Algeria today, there was an OPEC meeting, and anyone who's bought gas in the past few months can guess what was on the agenda: the price of oil. Specifically, how low it's gone. Not owning an oil-rich barony myself, I wasn't invited, but I like to imagine the various heads of state in an uproar...Read More»

iGo Everywhere15
TheCarConnection.com's Holiday Housecleaning Giveaway Extravaganza, Day 5

We've been rewarding you all week for kicking in comments on our blog--and today we've got some powerful fun for the next sassy-tongued contributor. But first, let's give a hand to BC, who commented yesterday during our holiday extravaganza on a post from earlier this year: “Boring, ugly, boring...Read More»

CIMIT incubator
Innovation the World Can Live With: Car-Based Incubators

From fuel cells to morphable frames, a lot of new car concepts cross our desks at TheCarConnection.com. We also witness plenty of developments on the green/eco front--most recently encapsulated in Colin's totally excellent cross-country biodiesel adventure. But it's rare to see a story that covers...Read More»

Audiovox picture frame
TheCarConnection.com's Holiday Housecleaning Giveaway Extravaganza, Day 4

The holidays keep coming, and so do the prizes; we're like Drew Carey here at TheCarConnection these days, except without the brush cut and the hyperreal announcer. Our giveaway hits day four with the winner of our previous post--it's Mark, who gets a SEMA rolling backpack for his comment on our...Read More»

SEMA bag
TheCarConnection.com's Holiday Housecleaning Giveaway Extravaganza, Day 3

We're on to Day Three of TCC's fabulous giveaways, and the prizes just keep getting better. Day Two's winner is R2dad for some sharp insight into the Southern senators' supreme lack of irony in canning the Big Three bailout: The governor of Michigan calls anyone against the bailout...Read More»

Detroit's Cobo Hall
Big Three Bailout: Loans Coming, With Strings

This morning, the status of the Big Three bailout seems a little more surefooted, as President Bush is promising that he won't let Detroit go bankrupt and that a deal on loans could be imminent. The total of money needed to prop up GM and Chrysler could be approaching $40 billion as the White House...Read More»

Detroit Tiger Stadium
Locomotive Theory: Weekend Edition

If you're lucky enough to live in an ideal world, you probably spend your weekends sleeping in, kicking back, and pondering the events of the past five days. And it's in that spirit of quiet, philosophical reflection that I offer the video below, which demonstrates an interesting phenomenon of...Read More»

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