Chrysler: Who Took Whom for A Ride?
Chrysler: Who Took Whom for A Ride?

Some years back, my old friend, Bill Vlasic, collaborated on an excellent book about the behind-the-scenes machinations that led to that, ahem, “merger of equals,” DaimlerChrysler. The bottom line of that effort, Taken for a Ride, was that the skillful and Machiavellian maneuvers of former...Read More»

VW Focused on Prices, Quality

Have you driven a VW lately? Okay, so I’m mixing ad metaphors here, but the point remains, when did you last drive a Volkswagen? If it’s been awhile, Adrian Hallmark can’t really blame you. The CEO of Volkswagen of America admits the company generated a lot of “venom” with...Read More»

Cargirl: On CO2, Something’s Gonna Give

While the rest of TCC's braintrust argues over whether global warming is real, and whether it's caused by cars, Cargirl says it really doesn't matter. "I never thought I'd pay eight bucks to see Al Gore give a slide presentation, but I did," Lee Iacocca said to me the other day. He knows that time...Read More»

Are Our School Buses Safe?

I’ve always wondered why schoolbuses didn’t have to conform to the rules of other passenger vehicles. My own experience riding in the hard seats to school – sideways, because that’s the cool way to roll – never ended in injury, but several times on the high-speed bus...Read More»

Motorists Rave for GM’s Minicar “Triplets”

GM executives may be stunned, but it’s no surprise to anyone else that the automaker has scored a big hit with the three minicars it unveiled at the New York Auto Show, last month, the Chevrolet Beat, Groove and Trax. So, will the automaker actually get it right this time and, with fuel...Read More»

When Charged with DUI, Hit the Right PR Note

Paris Hilton, Michelle Rodriguez, George Michael - there's a growing roster of celebs who've been convicted of driving under the influence and managed not to hurt anyone else. And each one of them could take a lesson from TV's Ty Pennington. Hilton finds herself facing jail time for not knowing...Read More»

Dogs Gone Wild - in Cars!

Could three-point belts for your lil' bow wow be in the offing in Massachusetts? One state legislator says he might be compelled to propose a new law that would keep unrestrained animals from your car. The Boston Herald reports that state Rep. Martin Walsh is annoyed that dogs are running around...Read More»

GM’s Subcompact Trio Grabs 1.8M Eyeballs

And what, exactly, took GM by surprise? “We were pretty blown away” by the response to the Chevrolet Trax, Beat and Groove, the minicars the automaker unveiled at last month’s New York Auto Show, gapes a GM spokesman. In an interview with the Detroit News, Michael Albano adds that...Read More»

Obama Steps into Fuel Economy Debate

Presidential candidate Barack Obama is making his way down the road of fully evolved campaign positions. Today in Detroit, he revealed he's no friend of American automakers - and seemingly, unsympathetic to their calls for a level playing field. Obama, the New York Times reports, told Detroit...Read More»

Volt or Blue Devil: Which One’s the Halo?

It strikes me, as we post a cluster of stories on gas prices, and what people pay now and what they’ll be willing to pay in the future, that GM has struck the right notes in the fuel economy debate. Instead of settling for one halo project that tells you everything you need to know about the...Read More»

Gas Prices – Is Anyone Responsible?

Who’s to blame and why are you pointing your finger at me? Those are the two questions that kept running through my mind as I listened in on this morning’s tele-news conference dealing with the fast-rising price of gasoline. As you might expect, the basic findings of the report...Read More»

Summer Drivers, Get Thy E-ZPass

With the addition now underway of the Indiana Toll Road to the Eastern E-Z Pass electronic toll system, only a foot-dragging Ohio will prevent motorists from driving through countless tollgates from the Maine Turnpike to northwest of Chicago without having to stop for toll ticket or payment. And...Read More»

Conspiracy at the Pump?

It doesn’t take an Oliver Stone to question whether there’s a conspiracy to keep nudging gasoline prices higher and higher. We’re made as hell, but we’re likely to keep taking it, too, as the petro-giants keep testing the limit’s of the American market’s...Read More»

Gas Prices: Is It Really the Economy?

I had to stifle a shout when I pulled up to the gas pump, yesterday morning, though the soccer mom in the minivan next to me actually shook her head in agreement with the words I mumbled. Almost overnight, prices have surged about 20 cents, here in Michigan, and the premium gulped down by the Land...Read More»

Chrysler Aspen Hybrid Will Sport HEMI

When the Chrysler Aspen Hybrid arrives in showrooms next year, it will offer something you'd never find in a Prius or Honda Insight-a HEMI. The Aspen Hybrid's gas-electric powertrain will be based around a battery-augmented HEMI engine, Chrysler announced today. The 5.7-liter HEMI will be mated to...Read More»

Supremes: Police Can Chase - and Pit to Kill

If you decide to give the cops a run for it, know that the law is decidedly against you. In an 8-1 decision today, the Supreme Court gave police wide latitude in how they proceed when high-speed chases erupt - and left them with significantly more protection against lawsuits filed after chases. The...Read More»

Need For Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed
Letters to the Editor - April 29, 2007

Global warming, Chrysler’s chronicles, and the cosmic implications of our editor’s writing - it’s all on the table this week as TheCarConnection.com sifts through its mailbox and answers your questions on the big car news of the day.Read More»

The Week in Reverse

“‘Vette Gets More Power!” If we had a dime for every time in our careers we wrote that headline…we still couldn’t pay for a Starbucks. And God, do we need one right now. Hey, don’t those official Lancer Evo shots look a huge lot like the concept from Detroit? In this case, it’s all...Read More»

Fortune's Alex Taylor: Make GM Chevy, Caddy and Saturn

Whenever we talk at cocktail parties--yes, we do get invitations--and people ask us about Detroit, we always respond, "Are you going to finish that?" But when they get serious and ask us why GM in particular is having problems, we tend to point out that there are more divisions inside the company...Read More»

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