HUMMER Wedding Unites Couple, Marketing
HUMMER Wedding Unites Couple, Marketing

The trend of underwritten weddings—think Star Jones’ shameless sponsor-shopping—is taking on a distinct odor of gasoline this weekend, when a Nevada couple is united in holy matrimony in the beds of HUMMER trucks, hopefully with hundreds of press in attendance. A skimpy press...Read More»

I’m Ready for Eurodiesels

Over the past several years, we’ve heard plenty about diesels — especially that they’re quieter, more civil, and smoke-free, and that they no longer bring a performance penalty. In Europe, though, there are quite a few models that bring better performance than their gasoline...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Surprise! Or not. There’s a new Shelby convertible coming later in the year, giving us a reason to hang on (well that, and the new Courtney Love solo album). Jaguar and Land Rover for sale? Are you sure? We don’t agree but Ford does need a cash bomb to go off in its direction. Even among TCCers...Read More»

Lamborghini Gets Its Own Stamp

There’s no better way of knowing you’ve made it than getting your image on a stamp. Now the Italian Post Office has honored Lamborghini by issuing a Lambo stamp as part of its “Made in Italy” series. Costing €0.85, or about $1, the stamp is actually for the iconic Miura...Read More»

Is MirraChrome The Next Big Bling?

We tend to be a fairly conservative lot, us British drivers. We don’t like to stick out from the crowd too much in case we’re thought of as crass or vulgar. The most popular color to buy a car in has long been silver, but one U.K. company is now offering a variation on that them. Chrome...Read More»

Trucks Keep Slipping – Is It For Good?

It didn’t take a trained eye to notice. Heading up to northern Michigan, on warm summer weekends, back in the late 1980s, it was hard to ignore the growing number of minivans, pickups and sport-utility vehicles shooting up I-75. Sure, there were always those who needed a pickup for work, a...Read More»

Cape Town
Great Drives: Cape Town, South Africa

After 18 hours in the air, with a short stop on the western bulge of Africa for fuel, you descend toward South Africa sick and tired of recycled air and Ice Age 2. You are cranky. That is, until you blink through jetlagged eyes on left side of the aircraft as you gently bank down toward Cape Town...Read More»

What Happens Now to the Town Car?

Ford's Wixom plant ceased operations today after 50 years of building Lincolns. So while my '66 Thunderbird is now something of an orphan, I'm wondering more about the future of three very old vehicles that still bring in pretty good business for Ford. We're talking about the Town Car, and its...Read More»

Cerberus/Chrysler Deal a Snow Job?

In "Chrysler at the Gates of Hell," on the Huffington Post blog, Automobile Magazine’s Jamie Kitman ventures to say that after Cerberus Capital LLC, the owners of the newly named Chrysler Holdings LLC, is through with Chrysler and the UAW, publicly traded companies — often maligned for...Read More»

Mazda's Rotary Turns 40

What is it about anniversaries that always draw our attention, well, mine, anyway? Considering all the news releases that cross TheCarConnection.com’s threshold each day, I might have ignored one from Mazda had it not noted that today marks the 40th anniversary of the Japanese...Read More»

The Ultimate Get Out of Jail Free Card?

We here at TheCarConnection.com have run a couple of contests on the best excuse you've used to get out of a speeding ticket. But we have to take our hats off to "Barbie Cummings," the nom de porn of a gal pulled over for a ticket in Tennessee, who apparently fellated her way to scot-free status...Read More»

Lutz Plugs Volt on Quiz Show

This past weekend, GM vice chairman Bob Lutz was one of the guests on National Public Radio’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me. The comedic weekend quiz show regarding recent news events often takes the show on the road, and this show was recorded in Lutz’s home turf — at Ann Arbor’s Michigan...Read More»

We Drive Chrysler’s 2007 Concepts

Chrysler's recent crop of concept cars haven't been approved for production-but that didn't stop the company from letting the press get their hands on them for a spin. The automaker brought an assortment of show cars - a handful from each category - out on a warm spring afternoon, some just to sit...Read More»

N2A: A Corvette-Fifties Chevy Mashup

A lot of strange and intriguing e-mail crosses my digital transom. There are the rants and the raves, the corrections and the questions, and of course, plenty of press releases. You learn whose notes you want to read first—the e-mail hors d’ouevres, if you will—and those always...Read More»

PODCAST: Letters to the Editor – May 17, 2007

What’s going on in Detroit on fuel economy? What’s the best General Motors publicity campaign on wheels? And why are the French suddenly our favorite people in the world again? Listen up to the latest podcast of TheCarConnection.com’s letters to the editor, where this week...Read More»

Left-Lane Hogs: Here’s What You Can Do

We’re all frustrated by drivers who don’t respect the most abused law of traffic: keep right, except to pass. But someone’s finally doing something about it, in the form of a grassroots group that seeks to point out those piggish drivers and change their habits into better driving...Read More»

2007 Audi TT clubsport quattro concept
Audi Clubsports the TT

Audi continues its quest to grab a headline every few weeks with the new TT clubsport quattro concept, a sporty rendition of the new roadster now on sale in theU.S. The concept strips down the TT roadster to an essential racing form, most obviously by cutting away the car’s windshield and...Read More»

2009 Jaguar XF – Is It the “HM?”

When we saw the latest photos of the Jaguar XF this morning, a colleague reminded us that this could be the last new Jaguar interior we see for a while. Even our spy photographers refer to the XF as the Hail Mary for Jaguar – a last chance before Ford loses its final bits of patience for a...Read More»

Wash. Outlaws Driving and Texting

Add typing to the list of distractions being outlawed across the country. CBS5.com from Seattle reports that the Washington state legislature has followed through with a bill that bans text messaging while driving. Washington’s not alone. While handheld cellphones are banned in several...Read More»

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