Shaking Things Up at the Shanghai Motor Show
Shaking Things Up at the Shanghai Motor Show

Forget the Mao suits and rickshaws. If you want to see some of the sexiest couture draped over the latest cars and concept vehicles, head to China. TCC Team, Publisher of TheCarConnection.com, was on hand for the press preview at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show, and files this report on the...Read More»

Chrysler Sale -- What's the Inside Story?

Like other auto-news outlets, we’ve been on the Chrysler sale story since words began leaking out of Auburn Hills on a sale. And while there’s some daily twist to the news—new bidders, uninterested bidders, sagging morale—the important development over the past few weeks has...Read More»

Lutz: Fuel Economy Needs Manhattan Project

Detroit needs help in transforming its cars into high-fuelers—and a government-backed effort to do so should mimic the “Manhattan Project” that got the U.S. the bomb in World War II, GM vice chairman Bob Lutz told the Wall Street Journal. On message in Kentucky, Lutz told reporters...Read More»

Hey, Mister, Wanna Date – or a Truck?

Political correctness be damned. Modern China’s founder, Mao Zedong may have promised a truly egalitarian society, but today’s increasingly capitalistic Chinese have discovered what the West long knew: sex sells. And they seem to have foregone that limiting discipline that has tamed and...Read More»

GM's Burns Gets Shanghaied - or, Almost Doesn't

What if you gave a news conference and nobody came? Worse, what would happen if the guy who’s supposed to be the star of the show can’t get in? That nearly happened to Larry Burns, it seems. General Motors’ technology czar was planning to play host as the automaker unveiled a...Read More»

Do Earth Day Right: De-Trash America

There is little point to arguing about some result of climate change that MIGHT take place and be truly measurable in the next 100 years-- or even ten. But as we mark Earth Day, there certainly are some here-and-now things we can do to ease the burdens on the Old Orb. Take scrap vehicles, those...Read More»

2007 BMW CS Concept
2007 BMW CS Concept

“This is where we can do a lot with romance and sex appeal,” suggested BMW’s design lord, Chris Bangle, as he pointed to the new CS concept car. The prototype, officially just a concept car – for now – took its bows at the 2007 Shanghai Motor Show, on Friday. Reviving a classic nameplate...Read More»

Shut Up and Write, or Doubt Climate Change?

God knows we don’t want this to become a climate change blog, but we keep getting letters like this one that make us think – and write, much to Jeff Murphy’s chagrin: The Car Connection needs to stick to what it does best - reporting on the automotive industry. The constant...Read More»

2007 Audi Cross Coupe Concept
2007 Audi Cross Coupe Concept

Audi’s big news for this week’s Shanghai auto show comes in the form of the Cross Coupé quattro, which it dubs a blend of sports car and crossover. The four-seat concept clearly tells you what it is capable of and whose engineering matches this standard — on all roads, under all...Read More»

Onsite service by Tesla Motor technicians on 2013 Tesla Model S, upstate NY [photo: David Noland]
A/C Takes It On the Chin, Again

If you want an example of how policymaking involving the earth’s atmosphere can lead to adverse consequences for car owners, look no further than the air conditioning in your car, either now or in the future. Refrigerant-12, the earliest refrigerant in auto a/c systems, was phased out of...Read More»

PODCAST: Letters to the Editor

Can Buick be saved? If Ford ready to Flex more muscles through a hip-hop DJ? Was Don Imus fired for good reason? And where the hell is Knight Rider’s KITT car? TheCarConnection.com takes its letters to the airwaves this week with a podcast of letters sent in by our readers. Listen in as...Read More»

Prius Versus HUMMER: Exploding the Myth

Over the past year, there has been an explosion of stories raising questions about the real environmental cost of hybrids. One of the most misleading ones, which has been spread by countless blogs over the past several weeks, and cited without verification by several sources that appear reputable...Read More»

Malarkey and Mulally

An old public relations adage says feed the press or they’ll bite you. A lesser known corollary says – feed them too much malarkey and they’ll bite you as well. Alan Mulally, Ford’s rookie president and chief executive officer, proved the veracity of both as the result of a...Read More»

Green Protestor: End the Dream Cruise

There’s been a constant battle, out in California, between those who want to celebrate our automotive heritage and those who’d like to banish it. Environmental activists have repeatedly moved to bar cars older than a certain age, ostensibly to remove the biggest polluters from the...Read More»

Ready For a “Carbon Dictatorship?”

At a conference in March at London's Westminster University, panelists openly debated the world's Big Boogieman: Global Warming. A crusading author from Australia, Tim Flannery, foresees the "darkest of dark ages, leading to the establishment of an Earth Commission for Thermostatic Control," writes...Read More»

An AMG Oil Burner?

Okay, let me begin by acknowledging this is as much a matter of wishful thinking as it is any hard news. That said, might we wind up seeing a diesel-powered performance machine from the folks at AMG, the in-house Mercedes-Benz tuner division? Wouldn’t that be the perfect halo car for a...Read More»

Iacocca: Boobs, Bozos and Gangsters

He’s back…and he’s pissed. There’s one thing you can say about the legendary Lido, Lee A. Iaccoca: he’s not a man to hold his tongue – or wagging finger. And in a new book, he’s taking aim at an assortment of boobs and fools, ranging from the “gang of...Read More»

What's a Real Gay Car? The New York Times Postulates

What makes a gay car? Other than being parked in TheCarConnection.com's SE HQ driveway, a car becomes gay (unlike people, who're born that way) when it acquires a gaggle of fans in the rainbow community. It's taken the grey lady, the New York Times, just 38 or so years to realize there are "gay...Read More»

Which Concept Cars Should Be Built?

Over at the main site, we're talking about concept cars. Rex Roy chose ten from the remote and near past that for whatever reason, weren't built. Chrysler's Norsemen never even made it to an auto show, while the bastardized Pontiac Aztek we did finally get was so far from the concept design as to...Read More»

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