Eriksson Cuffed; Enzo Stolen, then Wrecked?
Eriksson Cuffed; Enzo Stolen, then Wrecked?

The Ferrari Enzo wrecking saga’s latest chapter is probably the most predictable one. Videogame entrepreneur Stefan Eriksson is behind bars, charged with grand theft related to missing payments on the toasted Enzo along with a Mercedes-Benz SLR. The AP reports that Eriksson had brought the...Read More»

2004 Ferrari ENZO
Daily Edition: Apr. 11, 2006

Saturn Has New Outlook The Saturn Outlook is a three-row, eight-passenger crossover vehicle that goes into production late this year inMichigan. The Outlook is based on GM's new crossover vehicle platform, Lambda, that will also see a new Buick Enclave wagon and a GMC with the unconfirmed name of...Read More»

2004 Ferrari ENZO
Enzo Wrecker May Have Been Taping 162-MPH Ride

That twisted tale of a Ferrari Enzo that ended up very twisted itself has developed another kink. The Los Angeles Times, hanging on the story like a Rotti on a pig’s ear, says the owner of the now-in-pieces Enzo might have been videotaping his 162-mph run down the Pacific Coast Highway. The...Read More»

2004 Ferrari ENZO
Enzo-Wreck Story Gets Shadier

Kudos to the Los Angeles Times for having its editorial teeth deep in the story of a man who shot to fame last week for wrecking a million-dollar, unregistered Ferrari Enzo in Malibu—and following the story down some very strange corridors. First, the driver insisted there was a co-driver...Read More»

Celebrity Car Deathwatch: Enzo Strikes Out

We really weren’t expecting to break out the CCD so soon after Shannen Doherty christened it—but we may already have to push her aside for fresher, younger paparazzi bait. The L.A. Times, and lots of onlookers, reported that a Ferrari Enzo smacked into a telephone pole at about six in...Read More»

Scooped - Others Get Ferrari Wrong

You may have seen this picture of the new Ferrari 599GTB on other car Web sites yesterday. So did we - hence the hurried call to Ferrari PR. The latest word is that the photo was stolen yesterday - and Ferrari says, the information you've seen elsewhere is just plain wrong. For the real facts on...Read More»

2004 Oldsmobile Bravada
The GM T360 Jinx

GM's mid-size SUVs are jinxed. Twice now, I've been on a press event for a new version of the mid-size SUVs from the General. And twice there's been a thunderclap of news so big, even the PR people on remote weren't sure how to react to the press at hand. Today, of course, GM announced 25,000 job...Read More»

2004 Oldsmobile Bravada
GM: Getting Leaner or Getting Desperate?

The call came in early this morning as I was racing to catch a plane out of Quebec City, where I'd gone to test drive the new Saab 9-7X sport-ute. Since last December, most of us in the Detroit auto media community have been expecting big cuts at General Motors. Indeed, sources suggest a...Read More»

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
2004 New York Auto Show, Part II

2004 New York Auto Show Index (4/5/04) Jeep highlights new Grand Cherokee and Liberty spinoffs In what is the largest exhibit ever created for an Auto Show by Jeep, the division showcased a series of new vehicles at the Greater New York International Auto Show at what it calls " Camp New York ."...Read More»

2005 Ford Mustang
2004 SEMA Show Highlights

Mustang Mania Revs Up at SEMA This year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) gathering in Las Vegas, going on now, will be a sort of high-speed utopia for Mustang fans. That’s because Ford will show off fifteen new 2005 Mustangs modified by tuners who have wrenched past Mustangs to...Read More»

2005 Ferrari F430
2004 Paris Auto Show, Part VI

Confused in Paris The most frequent topic of conversation among automotive scribes attending this year’s Paris Motor Show was what, if anything, was the common thread. Several dozen new vehicles made their debut in the City of Lights, from the little Citroën C2 to Ferrari’s big F430. Yet...Read More»

2005 Bugatti Veyron
2004 Paris Auto Show, Part IV

Related Articles: 2004 Paris Auto Show by TCC Team (9/20/2004) The well-loved lights of the City of Light take the stage. Bugatti Sets Sights On First Sale The buzz around the Bugatti booth at this year’s editions of the Paris Mondial De L’Automobile is that the luxury car maker expects to...Read More»

Bugatti Legend ‘Jean Bugatti’ Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse  -  2013 Frankfurt Motor Show
2004 Paris Auto Show, Part V

Related Articles: 2004 Paris Auto Show by TCC Team (9/20/2004)The well-loved lights of the City of Light take the stage. Alfa Romeo 147 Alfa will unveil the successor of the successful 156 in the fall of 2005 and by the end of the year they will present the new GTV. In Paris , Alfa Romeo brought...Read More»

2004 Peugeot 907 concept
2004 Paris Auto Show, Part III

Related Articles: 2004 Paris Auto Show by TCC Team (9/20/2004)The well-loved lights of the City of Light take the stage. Peugeot 907 The stunning 907 concept has few antecedents, according to the loosely translated French dialogue we heard on the floor of the Paris Expo. In fact Peugeot says this...Read More»

2004 Volvo XC90
2004 Paris Auto Show Index

2004 Paris Auto Show Preview by Henny Hemmes (9/20/2004) Avant que l'exposition commence, nous vous apportons tous les premieres. Drôle, non? 2004 Paris Auto Show Preview II by Henny Hemmes (9/20/2004) Part II, mon Dieu! 2004 Paris Auto Show, Part I by TCC Team (9/23/2004) Chevy goes global, S3X...Read More»

Teen Driver safety feature debuting on 2016 Chevrolet Malibu
Daily Edition: Sep. 14, 2004

Ford Tries Reining In Land Rover With the launch of the new LR3, theBritish SUV maker Land Rover enters a critical stage that will likely determine its long-term viability. That, in turn, will have a strong impact on the turnaround plans of Ford Motor Co., which purchased the British marque from...Read More»

Soviet-era ekranoplan
Industry Report: Sept. 6, 2004

Power Stifles PIN Data With Media J.D. Power and Associates is readying a letter to reporters covering the auto industry that the firm will no longer provide manufacturer, brand or model specific data for news stories. The new policy, say executives familiar with the change, was brought about by...Read More»

2004 Woodward Dream Cruise - Flame Hot Rod
2004 Woodward Dream Cruise, Part I

2004 Woodward Dream Cruise (8/22/2004) Return with us to another era... Rain, rain, go away Mother Nature hasn’t been very kind to Detroit this Summer. It’s been raining almost every weekend, which isn’t the sort of weather you look forward to if you own a classic cruiser. Yet the soggy...Read More»

2004 Woodward Dream Cruise - GTO Close-up
2004 Woodward Dream Cruise, Part II

2004 Woodward Dream Cruise (8/22/2004) Return with us to another era... Garage tales In the heydays of the cruising phenomenon, there were more than two dozen hamburger stands and diners lining the 16-mile stretch of Woodward Ave. that ran between Detroit and Pontiac . And countless garages and...Read More»

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