Land Rover Range Rover: The Car Connection's Best Luxury Vehicle to Buy 2018

November 13, 2017

Few vehicles can conquer more of our planet than the Land Rover Range Rover.

But we're not just talking about this ultra-luxury SUV's off-road ability. Sure, it'll make pebbles out of boulders and puddles out of rivers, but the Range Rover is just as at home in the wilds of the Kalahari as it is jostling for attention with Bugattis the valet stand at the Dubai Mall.

A more versatile vehicle doesn't exist. Even the Bentley Bentayga, despite its fit-for-a-king inner trappings and sublime engine, isn't as off-road ready as the Range Rover or as sharp on the road. The Range Rover has inspired countless rivals, but it manages to stay several steps ahead. If anything, the 2018 Range Rover continues to widen its lead.

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Under the Range Rover's signature clamshell hood sits a choice of supercharged V-6, turbodiesel V-6, and supercharged V-8 power. A total of five different power outputs are available from 254 to 557 horsepower. Next year, plug-in hybrid Range Rover—yes, really—will join the lineup and it promises a 31-mile all-electric range in addition to strong performance. Eco-conscious luxury buyers now have no reason to scratch the Range Rover off of their shopping lists.

The Range Rover line starts around $90,000. Heavy money, yes, but that coin buys acres of leather, glossy wood trim, and a 10.0-inch infotainment system with navigation. Another $20,000 buys the long-wheelbase version with its privacy screens and Boban Marjanović-rated leg space. Much of the Range Rover's ability can be tied to its standard air suspension and its otherworldly ability to soak up any kind of terrain.

HSE, Supercharged, and Autobiography trim levels heap on the goodies while enhancing this SUV's abilities every step of the way.

Of course, if you're an NBA star, you'll probably step up to the SV Autobiography Dynamic at the top of the lineup. Its base price is nearly $100,000 above the entry-level Range Rover's, but no vehicle better pushes the limits of road and off-road abilities. Should you find yourself near a race track that happens to have an off-road course, the SV Autobiography Dynamic's suspension hunkers down or climbs upward at the press of a button for eye-opening tenacity regardless of terrain. It'll sprint to 60 mph from a stop in about five seconds and it can ford up to 3 feet of water, although not at the same time. That's hovercraft territory.

If the no-excuses capability to get anywhere quickly and in posh comfort is not the definition of ultra luxury, we don't know what is.

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