Southern women most likely to have bumper stickers; gun stickers are least popular

June 28, 2017

Some car owners are minimalists. They eschew anything that detracts from their vehicle's appearance, foregoing car lashes, truck nuts, and the dreaded "Baby on Board" signs. 

Others see their cars as opportunities to express themselves--roving billboards to declare their love of god, country, schools, kids, dogs, or occasionally clever aphorisms. These are the people who love bumper stickers. 

But who are these people, really, and what do they believe? A recent (though non-scientific) survey suggests that there's a lot of diversity among the group.

The survey found that women were far more likely to have bumper stickers than men, with 63 percent saying they'd slapped one on their car. Men, meanwhile, were evenly split on the matter, with 50 giving in to the urge and 50 showing restraint. 

In regional terms, folks from the South--particularly Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee--were the biggest fans of bumper stickers: 68 percent admitted that they had one or more on their car. 

Those in the Great Lakes region--Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin--were the most restrained in their use of bumper flash, with just 49 percent giving in to the sin.

The content of those bumper stickers varied, but the most popular fell into the broad category of sports, fitness, and leisure activities, followed closely by politics. Gun-themed stickers were the least popular, making up just four percent of the total.

That may not be too surprising, given the attitudes other drivers have to gun-related bumper stickers. While 26 percent of those surveyed thought that gun stickers were acceptable to some degree, the remainder found them aggressive, annoying, obnoxious, or ignorant. (By comparison, Confederate flag stickers were relatively popular, with 38 percent of respondents approving of them.)

On the other hand, bumper stickers showing support for the military were the most appreciated: a whopping 88 percent of study participants gave them a thumbs-up. Marathon-related stickers came in second, with 80 percent saying that they approved of long-distance runners.  

There's a lot more data to sort through if you have time, including a breakdown of which political party members have the most and least bumper stickers (we won't spoil the surprise) and the complicated issue of pro-choice vs. pro-life stickers. You can read all of that and more here

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