Do you want automatic emergency braking in your next car? Our poll results

November 29, 2016

Bit by bit, self-driving cars are edging into showrooms. Lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, and other features have slowly begun to shift the burden of driving away from humans and onto computers. By many estimates, chips and transistors will handle much of the driving in new vehicles within the next decade.

Among today's most popular semi-autonomous offerings is automatic emergency braking. AAA reports that the capabilities of braking systems vary from automaker to automaker, but that hasn't stopped 20 companies from vowing to make the technology standard on new vehicles by the year 2022.

Automatic emergency braking can be an important safety tool--in fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety created a special rating for cars that include it as part of their collision avoidance systems: Top Safety Pick+. But how do average consumers view the technology? We turned to Twitter to find out.

Well, that's interesting.

As you can see, only 17 percent of respondents viewed automatic emergency braking as an essential feature in their next vehicle. At the other end of the spectrum, eight percent of those polled implied that they would avoid having it on their cars. Another 22 percent felt "meh" about the technology, not caring one way or the other (though they're likely not inclined to shell out extra for it).

A 53 percent majority of respondents simply said that it's "not essential". Because this was a multiple-choice poll and not a short-answer quiz, we don't know further details--for example, how much they might be willing to spend for automatic braking if it were an option. However, it's clear that the absence of automatic braking wouldn't be a deal-breaker for most of them.

If you missed our poll and want to share your thoughts about automatic emergency braking, you can do so in the comments section below.

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