Do you ever get “road rage?” Our poll results

October 14, 2016

We humans are not a patient lot. Whether we're in line at the grocery store or stuck on hold with our cable company, we have a tendency to see red whenever anyone gets between us and our goals.

That's especially true when we're driving. Even a most mild-mannered Bruce Banner can turn into a raging Hulk in bumper-to-bumper traffic. (That goes double if we find out that the agonizing slow-down was caused by rubber-necking. Ugh.)

But maybe you're the exception to the rule. We wanted to find out how many of you experience road rage, and so, we turned to Twitter: 

It's not surprising to see that some 65 percent of you know first-hand the frustration of road rage. Sadly, many of us have felt your pain.

We're impressed, that the remaining 35 percent haven't gotten ragey behind the wheel. We'd like to make you our designated drivers, please--and that goes double for the six percent for whom road rage is an unfathomable response to the frustrations of driving.

Missed our poll? Feel free to tell us about your own experiences with road rage in the comments below.

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