Would you buy a car made by Apple? Our poll results

September 7, 2016

Yesterday, we told you about a new survey gauging the public's interest in cars that might be made by tech firms like Apple and Google. The results were a little surprising, so we decided to do some further research.

The initial survey was carried out by TECHnalysis, and it revealed that consumers are, in fact, interested in cars from Apple and Google. (It's worth noting, however, that the survey didn't bring up the question of whether consumers would still be interested if the cars were entirely autonomous, which has a tendency to make Americans nervous.)

What was especially interesting was that TECHnalysis' respondents tended to be significantly more interested in cars from Google than from Apple. Unfortunately, the firm didn't ask follow-up questions, so it's impossible to know what made a Google-branded car more attractive.

It might've been the fact that consumers know more about the Google car, which has been roaming the roads since 2009 with relatively few accidents, and only one that was blamed on the car's self-driving software. Apple, for its part, hasn't even admitted that it's working on cars, even though the company's Project Titan division is anything but secret. (Maybe that'll change today?)

Then again, the difference in attitudes could be based on anticipated prices. Apple is generally associated with proprietary hardware and software, and accordingly exclusive prices. Google, on the other hand, developed its Android software as open-source, and it's found on phones and tablets of all kinds, from the very cheap to the very pricey. Translation: people may think that Google cars will be more affordable.

Our results

Naturally, we wanted to see if our group of in-the-know car fans felt the same, so, we posted a quick poll to Twitter: 

Interestingly, the 10 percent who loved the idea of an Apple-branded vehicle were in line with the 12 percent who said the same on the TECHnalysis survey.

However, 45 percent of our poll participants said that they wouldn't look twice at an Apple car. That's much higher than in the TECHnalysis poll, where the number was around 25 percent. (Aversion to Google cars was more muted, at around 17 percent.) Obviously, our poll didn't draw from as wide a population as TECHnalysis, so our numbers were more subject to skewing.

If you missed our poll, feel free to share your thoughts below. If you took it and you want to offer some additional explanation, be our guests. And if you're waiting for a poll about Google cars, follow us on Twitter.
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