Poll results suggest lease sharing won't be a hit

August 16, 2016

These days, it's hard to avoid car sharing—even if you've never driven a Car2Go or a ZipCar, you've probably seen one parked in an urban area. They're unavoidable, but a poll we conducted recently suggests that while we're happy to share someone else's car, we're not quite ready to commit to leasing a car with someone else.

The Car Connection recently ran a poll asking Twitter users if they would consider leasing their next new car with friends or family to save money. The results were overwhelmingly against the idea, with nearly three-quarters of respondents suggesting that they wouldn't let another person be on their lease paperwork.

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About 20 percent of respondents said that they would consider entering into a lease with a close family member. About 8 percent simply stated that they won't be buying a new car, regardless of who might sign on a lease with them. 

Automakers have sought to capitalize on what's perceived as a growing sharing economy, but our poll suggests that perhaps not all car owners are ready share the keys—even if it's a close friend or relative. 

In particular, Ford tried out a lease share it called Ford Credit Link. Launched as a pilot program in Austin, Texas, Credit Link allowed between three and six different people to split the cost and the time driving a new Ford vehicle. The program launched in March of this year and ended last month with not a single lease signed.


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