Nissan takes on Tesla (again) with xStorage home battery

May 11, 2016

Historians may look back on this era and see two car companies at the forefront of the electrification revolution: Tesla Motors and Nissan.

Back in 2010, the Tesla Roadster and the Nissan Leaf became the first two electric cars to generate significant interest among 21st century consumers. And now, Nissan is taking on Tesla's Powerwall home battery with a similar device called the xStorage.*

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Revealed at a press event in London earlier this week, the xStorage seems remarkably similar to the Powerwall. As you can see from the video above, it's sleek, attractive, designed to hang on a wall like a piece of art, and it stores electricity from either solar panels or the energy grid. It also can facilitate the sale of electricity back to utility companies.

That said, even though full details about the device haven't been made widely available, there are some key differences between the xStorage and the Powerwall. For example:

  • The xStorage is made from recycled Leaf batteries, which boosts its eco-credentials. The bulk of Powerwall production will soon be focused at the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada.
  • The xStorage is more expensive than the Powerwall. The base xStorage is a 4.2 kWh unit, priced at £3,200 ($4,600), while Tesla's 7 kWh Powerwall is priced from $3,000. However, Nissan says that the higher price includes converters, installation, and such.
  • The xStorage isn't slated for U.S. release. The Powerwall is. 
As the electrification transition gains momentum, it'll be interesting to see how many other companies--within and without the auto industry--begin offering similar products.

* In fairness, Mercedes-Benz announced plans to offer its own Powerwall competitor last summer. We've not heard much about it since, though pre-sales appear to have begun in Germany.

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