Top That, Stuckey's: Colorado Gas Stations Will Sell Marijuana, Too

September 18, 2015

In most states, it's common to see people motor on down to their local gas station to pick up a six-pack for the weekend.

But Colorado isn't like most states. Colorado has legalized marijuana.

So, it probably won't surprise you to learn that one enterprising company has decided to meet residents' need for speed and their need for weed by bringing grass to the gas station.

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It's the grand vision of Native Roots, a Denver-based dispensary for medical marijuana. Next month, Native Roots is branching out by opening not one, but two gas stations called Gas and Grass in Colorado Springs.

Drivers won't be able to pay for their endo and their unleaded at the same register, though. Gas and Grass will still have to conform to Colorado state laws, which require it to have, among other things, its own separate entrance. And it appears that the Grass side of the shop will function as a dispensary rather than a retail outlet, meaning that shoppers will need a prescription to score the good stuff. 

To encourage business, Gas and Grass will offer loyalty gasoline discounts to the folks who buy weed there. A company spokesperson said that it'll follow a model similar to Costco and grocery stores that offer cheaper gas. 

Our take? None of us want to share the blacktop with drivers on the verge of blacking out. But is pot any more dangerous than the beer, malt liquor, and wine coolers already sold at service stations? Much scientific research on the effect of real-world marijuana usage and driving is imperfect, and casual studies have yielded mixed results -- perhaps even encouraging ones.

That's not to say that we'll be stopping by Gas and Grass ourselves. But if we had to choose, most of us would rather ride with Cheech and/or Chong than Don Draper anytime.

[via Mashable]

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