Rough-Idle Complaints Roll In For 2015 CR-V: Honda Working On Fix

June 27, 2015
2015 Honda CR-V

2015 Honda CR-V

Honda has issued an advisory to owners of 2015 Honda CR-V models, after receiving many complaints about a strong vibration at idle and low rpm—one that we experienced earlier this year in a test drive.

The 2015 Honda CR-V is one of our favorite compact crossovers on the market—as well as one of our highest-rated ones here at The Car Connection.

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But there was something ‘off’ about the way our test CR-V Touring AWD behaved when we had it—first for video review, then for a week and another quick drive report of 140 miles.

Although the new direct-injection 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine was plenty smooth on cold start and when accelerating, we noticed an unacceptably rough idle when the engine was fully hot, and a persistent vibration with the shifter in 'D' or to a lesser extent 'R'.

The vibration seemed to carry not just through the steering wheel and shift knob (actually blurry at times), but also through the dash and pedals. And as further clues, perhaps, we felt it at some speeds, momentarily, when coasting and braking.

That was actually some months ago, and while we saved our driving impressions in case there was something wrong with our vehicle or that it was an issue with very limited scope.

It’s apparently not, as we’ve had several dealerships now tell us it’s widespread.

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Honda has issued a video statement for dealerships to point owners to, noting: “Honda wants to assure our owners that we have heard your concerns, and are actively analyzing available data and customer comments, and performing actual vehicle testing.”

The ‘review’ is still in progress, according to the video, and spokesman Chris Martin confirmed to us that the issue may require a couple of separate fixes, depending on the vehicle and consumer perceptions. The video further reminds owners that while this vibration presents no operational or safety concern, you should have your vehicle checked out when you notice a new one.

"For now, we've asked customers to go to their dealers to document the exact nature of their concern, and the dealer can then later follow up if there
is a countermeasure to minimize their particular concern," added Martin.


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