Samsung Creates A See-Through 18-Wheeler To Curb Highway Collisions

June 24, 2015

The world is filled with two-lane highways that make overtaking vehicles difficult, if not downright dangerous. The situation gets worse when 18-wheelers are added to the equation, since drivers trailing them have a tougher time seeing oncoming traffic.

The problem is particularly pronounced in Argentina, which is filled with two-lane roads. The country sees hundreds of deaths each year when motorists trying to pass vehicles collide with cars driving in the opposite direction.

Samsung has a solution. The South Korean tech giant created a prototype called the "Safety Truck", which has a wireless camera positioned on the front of the vehicle and video screens mounted to the back of the trailer it's hauling. The camera streams images of the road in front of the big rig to the monitors in back, giving cars a clear view of oncoming traffic, pedestrians, wildlife, and other potential hazards. As a result, drivers behind the truck can tell when it's safe to pass or when the truck may brake.

The prototype has proven that the concept is viable. Now, Samsung is working with NGOs and governments to develop the technology for wider use on public roads.

We admit, the setup looks a little clunky, but as technology improves and larger screens of all sorts become commonplace, the technology is likely to become much cheaper and easier to deploy.

In the end, systems like this could prove very beneficial -- not just on small highways, but even on larger ones, where maneuvering around 18-wheelers can be very, very hazardous. Check out a video of the Safety Truck above and share your thoughts in the comments.


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