2015 Chevy Traverse, New American Supercar, VW Beetle Dune: What’s New @ The Car Connection

May 29, 2015
2015 Chevrolet Traverse LTZ

2015 Chevrolet Traverse LTZ

From The Car Connection:

2015 Chevrolet Traverse Review

The 2015 Chevrolet Traverse is a large crossover that’s nearly as roomy as the truck-based GMC Tahoe and Chevy Suburban SUVs, but offers friendlier driving traits thanks to its car-type platform.

Like Tesla & BMW, Ford Is Sharing Electric Car Technology With Rivals

In June of 2014, Tesla Motors' CEO Elon Musk did something highly unusual: he unlocked Tesla's patent box and offered to share the company's electric car technology with other automakers. The following month, BMW did the same thing.

Insurer: Braking Style ‘Highly Predictive’ Of Accident Risk

Insurance companies gather a lot of information. Age, gender, the car you drive, your driving record, your zip code, and your credit rating (where it’s legal): It all influences insurance rates—and your relative risk, as insurers see it.

PSC SP-200 SIN concept

PSC SP-200 SIN concept

From Motor Authority:

America’s PSC Motors Announces Plans For 1,700-Horsepower Hybrid Supercar

Despite the challenges of designing and building the world’s next great supercar, there’s no shortage of ambitious startups promising new models to take on the best offerings from established firms such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren. Some have been successful, such as Koenigsegg, Pagani and more recently Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, while the list of companies that have failed to deliver includes dozens of names.

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Leaked

This is possibly our first look at an updated version of Toyota’s Land Cruiser, which in its current ‘200 Series’ form has been on the market since the 2008 model year. We’ll have to wait several more years until an all-new Land Cruiser is launched but in the meantime it looks like the hardy off-roader will receive some substantial visual updates.

$165k McLaren 540C Won’t Be Sold In U.S. Due To Apparent Lack Of Interest

McLaren’s 540C unveiled at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show a month ago won’t be coming to the U.S., the British performance marque has confirmed. The car was originally due here in early 2016 and was set to be McLaren’s most attainable model ever thanks to a price tag of just $165,000, but an apparent lack of interest from potential buyers means McLaren will focus on the pricier and more potent 570S.

Volkswagen Beetle Dune Hybrid concept, New York City, May 2015

Volkswagen Beetle Dune Hybrid concept, New York City, May 2015

From Green Car Reports:

Volkswagen Beetle Dune Hybrid Concept: Quick Drive

A large red electrical shutdown switch inside a car says it all: You're driving a prototype. New York City passers-by who looked approvingly at our shiny bronze Volkswagen Beetle Dune concept car didn't know it, but the butcher-looking Beetle was running on a hybrid system not currently offered in the Beetle.

One Man's Fiat 500e Electric Car Might Get Him To Sell His BMW

It's been said before, but the only way to understand why electric cars are a better way to drive is to drive one. The shorthand for that rule is "getting butts in seats."

California Helps Low-Income Drivers Switch To Electric Cars

California is introducing a new ‘Plus-Up’ pilot project that should make plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles a lot more affordable.


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