Is The Ford F-150 America's Favorite Luxury Vehicle?

December 23, 2014

The line between mass-market and luxury vehicles has become fuzzy in recent years. Sure, there are still mainstream, bargain-basement rides like the Nissan Versa, just as there are high-end Bentley Continental GTs for the world's Beckhams, Hiltons, and Kardashians. But between those extremes, there's a lot of gray area to be found.

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That's largely due to today's array of high-tech add-ons like collision-avoidance systems, beefy stereos, and souped-up infotainment centers -- not to mention longstanding upgrades like leather seats and such. Those features can easily push the cost of a $20,000 coupe soaring past $40,000.  

All of which has led some to wonder: can the decidedly mainstream Ford F-150 be considered America's favorite luxury vehicle?

Maybe. It depends on how we want to define "luxury".

  • If we define luxury in terms of creature comforts, the answer is yes. The F-150 offers nearly everything a luxury model could, including a lane-keeping system, adaptive cruise control, and parking assist. And of course, it also offers truck-only amenities like a snazzy tailgate step and a tonneau cover. 
  • If we define luxury in terms of price, the answer is also yes. The base F-150 starts around $25,000, but pack on a few bells and whistles, and you can easily reach the $60,000 mark, or beyond. 
  • If we define luxury in terms of exclusiveness, the answer is no. To many motorists, the notion of "luxury" involves a degree of exclusivity. To them, a car can't be truly luxurious if everyone else has one. (We don't really buy that argument, but still.) On that count, the F-150 fails, hands-down. True, there aren't that many of the higher-end variants roaming the roads, but as a model, the F-150 is the best-selling ride in America, and it has been for decades. That would seem to make it the very opposite of "exclusive".

In that brief, decidedly non-scientific luxury questionnaire, the Ford F-150 wins two out of three points, which is good enough for us.

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But what about you? What's your idea of a luxury ride? Does the F-150 fit it? Sound off in the comments below.


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