Men Drive For Enjoyment, Women Drive To Relax, And Other Useless Generalizations

October 3, 2014

Need to spark a conversation with a co-worker or neighbor? Want to start an argument with your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or FWB? A new study from Enterprise Rent-a-Car that explores the "real" differences between male and female motorists could be just what you're looking for.

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The 2014 Enterprise Leisure Travel Survey polled 1,001 U.S. residents, each of whom said that he or she had taken at least one road trip during the previous year. Respondents were asked about their driving habits and preferences, allowing Enterprise and marketing firm Gfk to make some generalizations about men, women, younger people, older people, and residents in various parts of the country.

For example, 42 percent of the survey's male respondents said that they took road trips because they love to drive, but just 25 percent of women said the same. Women, on the other hand, enjoyed road trips because they came back feeling "rejuvenated and refreshed" -- in fact, they were 1.5 times as likely to say that as men.

Road trip habits were affected by age, too. For example, 35 percent of Millennials (age 25-34) were happy to stop for food but showed far less interest in scenic drives or attractions (i.e. the things that road trips were made for). And while respondents under 45 said that they enjoyed spending time with their families on road trips, older respondents wanted to whoop it up away from the rugrats. No surprise there, really.

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Regional differences could be found as well. Folks out west, for example, admitted a fondness for solitude, with 31 percent saying that they'd driven someplace simply because of its remoteness. Westerners were also about three times as likely as other Americans to take a road trip to enjoy some outdoor recreation, while their peers in the northeast were the most likely to travel for entertainment like concerts and sporting events.

Check out a few more generalized tidbits, click here, and share your own thoughts about road trips in the comments below.


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