2015 Volvo XC90, Google Car, Ford Recalls, CVTs and SUVs: The Week In Reverse

May 31, 2014
Google Self-Driving Car Prototype

Google Self-Driving Car Prototype

Did the Google Self-Driving Car pique your interest this past week? Were you getting ready to head out shopping for your next family vehicle? Or was it the special-edition Subaru BRZ that set your heart aflutter?

We know that your interest in cars probably goes beyond just prices and spec sheets, but that interests vary—significantly. And that’s why we provide this easy-to-digest (and hopefully smart) roundup of some of the themes and news we’ve covered this past week, looking back.

And here it is, The Week in Reverse, for Saturday, May 31:

Recalls continue to dominate at least part of the new cycle. This time Ford announced several, with the two most significant involving fail-prone electric power steering systems in its Escape and Explorer. And as we found out this past week with a recall of Ford Focus models, Mazdas doesn’t have the only vehicles with spiders getting into fuel systems.

Ford Recalls 914,000 Escape, Explorer SUVs For Power Steering Issue

2013-14 Nissan Sentra & Versa Investigated For Brake Problems

2012-2014 Ford Focus TSB: Clogged By Spiders

And several headlines of the week looked ahead to that day when our cars might take the reins in some cases—perhaps freeing us of the boredom of slogging along in traffic. It might make us safer and save us some money, too. Meanwhile, Google probably made automakers a little nervous, as they showed a self-driving car, with plans to soon build 100 prototypes.

Crash Prevention Systems In Vehicles Improving Rapidly, IIHS Finds

Study: Automobile Crashes Cost America $871 Billion Per Year

Will Autonomous Cars Destroy City Budgets?

Google Debuts Its First Autonomous Car: Is This The Future Of (Non) Driving?

We saw more evidence that between automakers, governments, and regions, green-car strategies aren’t exactly going to match up. Toyota, it appears, is betting big on a hydrogen-car future, surprisingly soon. That, just as eight U.S. states in the West and Northeast have agreed to give electric cars a ten-year push.

Japanese Government Bets The Farm On Fuel Cell Vehicles

Eight States Join Forces To Put 3.3 Million Zero-Emission Vehicles In Service By 2025

Product announcements continued to roll in for 2015 this past week. And we caught wind that details for the 2015 Volvo XC90, like many all-new vehicles as of late, are going to be released in a tease of photos.

2015 Subaru BRZ Priced, Limited Series.Blue Edition Announced

2015 Cadillac CTS Sedan Gets Coupe Face, Wireless Charging

2015 Nissan Versa Note Priced At $14,990, New SR At $18,340

2015 Volvo XC90 Gets Slow-Drip Release This Year

And finally, much of the new-vehicle buying process today involves reading and understanding what you want, and then researching which vehicles have those traits and features. Trying to understand which third-row layout makes the most sense, or what exactly is the difference between an SUV, a crossover, and a wagon—or between a CVT and a dual-clutch automatic? Well, read on.

SUVs With Captain's Chairs Plus Third-Row Seats: Shopper's Shortlist

2014 Subaru Forester: SUV, Crossover, Or Wagon? We Try To Define

Your Next Vehicle Is More Likely To Have A CVT: Here’s Why


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