Investment Opportunity: Help Crowdfund The Skylys Flying Car

April 14, 2014

Do you have too much money? Of course you do. Are you tired of trying to give that cash to terrible TV pilots, ridiculous iPhone docks, and other doomed Kickstarter campaigns? Well, we've got a proposition for you!

It's called Skylys, and it's flying car. 

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Not convinced? Perhaps more buzzwords will persuade you to crack open your HD Wallet. Try this, straight from the Skylys Indiegogo page: "In detail we aim to create an urban dual-mode, hybrid flight and electric drive motorized vehicle that fits into sustainable mobility." It says so much, it tells you practically nothing at all.

Obfuscating language aside, what is clear is that the company behind Skylys, Mix Aerospace, needs money -- lots of it. It's asking for €2,250,000, or around $3,111,075 U.S. at today's exchange rate. Why? Because the company has run out of dough and needs to "start construction of our two prototypes to confirm our technical specifications; pay the chaps in the legal department; industrial engineers and take up occupancy of our future offices in the Silicon Valley, where our backers can of course pay us a visit."

Translation: prototypes, because this thing may not work after all. Plus lawyers. And engineers. And a U-Haul or two.

How could anyone resist that kind of argument?

And yet, people are resisting. In droves. Over the past several weeks, the campaign has raised just €130, which is maybe an hour of lawyer-time. Such sad.

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Perhaps Mix Aerospace's pitch just isn't strong enough. Admittedly, the copy on its Indiegogo page is littered with broken English, and the droning, one-take demo video above doesn't help. Allow us to make the case on the company's behalf:

1. Skylys is a flying car. By definition, flying cars are awesome, and everyone says we should have them already. And before you even bring it up, no, the Terrafugia doesn't count, because it's basically just a plane that can go really fast on land, which seems like cheating to us.

2. It's on Indiegogo, so there's no chance the campaign will fail. (The car itself is another story.) Your money will go right to the developers. Every cent of it. Even if you're one of only, say, four people who pony up. 

3. It's French, and French things are classy. Always. Even French-tip manicures.

But perhaps we've misjudged you. Perhaps you're one of those people who appreciate forward-thinkers, but want to invest your hard-earned money wisely, not in some maybe-will, maybe-won't flying car scheme that threatens to cloud our skies with inexperienced pilots and fill our streets with the detritus of Skylyses (Skylii?) that fail to clear power lines.

If so, you could put all your money in a large envelope (or a small one, size is irrelevant we hear) and send it straight to us. We will invest it for you, probably in extravagant seven-course lunches at Chipotle. And in the end, those lunches and the Skylys will probably end up in the same place.

[via Recode]


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