Another Downside Of The Smart Fortwo: Jerks Can Flip Your Car

April 8, 2014

"Beloved" isn't a word you'd use to describe the Smart fortwo -- not in the U.S., anyway. To those of us used to America's wide open spaces and the super-sized portions of American restaurants, the fortwo seems dangerously, unsatisfyingly petite. Our own John Voelcker scored it a cautious six out of ten

If the fortwo were going to be popular anywhere in the country, though, we'd assume it would be San Francisco. SF is generally considered forward-thinking, eco-friendly, Euro-ish -- all qualities shared by the fortwo (although the pint-sized model's eco-credentials aren't all they should be, thanks to so-so fuel economy). Surely, San Franciscans show the fortwo some love, right?


As our colleagues at Green Car Reports wrote, there was a spate of "Smart tippings" in SF over the weekend -- three cars rolled onto their front or rear ends Sunday night. A witness described seeing between six and eight individuals carrying out one of the dastardly deeds. Given the fortwo's 1800-pound curb weight, that sounds about right.

Why is this happening?

It could be that SF is finally catching up to other parts of the world, where fortwo tipping has been a "thing" since 2009. Or perhaps SF has been infested with a bunch of urban cowboys who mistakenly think that cow tipping is real. But the most likely bet is that the city's growing hatred for high-tech "Glassholes" has spilled over from boycotting buses to flipping cars. 

Moral of the story: if Oprah gives you a Smart fortwo and you live in the Bay Area, keep it locked in the garage.


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