Fake Tesla Ad Is Better Than Most Car Ads We've Seen (Even Elon Musk Loves It)

March 20, 2014

Put yourself in these shoes: you've just graduated from college, and you love using video to bring stories to life, so you've started a company to do just that.

That's the good news. The bad news is that you're based in the intensely competitive arena of Los Angeles, California, and you have just $1,500 to spend on promotion.

How do you get the attention of advertisers, video game designers, and others who might want to hire you?

To most people, the challenge would seem too daunting, but R.J. Collins and James Khabushani aren't most people. The two University of Southern California grads recently launched a digital content company called Everdream Pictures, and already they've turned the head of at least one Very Important Person. 

How'd they do it? By gambling big.

Collins and Khabushani knew that Tesla Motors is in a curious position: it's on the tip of everyone's tongue, and it's poised for massive growth, but Tesla has never advertised to consumers. So, the daring duo took $1,500 and created a 60-second "faux-mercial" that conveniently blends the "oomph" of Tesla Motors with the "wow" of SpaceX. 

According to Mashable, the fake ad (embedded above) eventually found its way to Musk, who tweeted:

Just discovered a great Tesla ad made by 2 recent college grads. I love it! http://t.co/20dPRD9yrJ

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 14, 2014

That pretty much did it. The video was subsequently posted to Tesla's Facebook and Instagram feeds, and it has since gone viral.

And the most important part: Musk said that he's going to consider the company for future projects. 

If that's not "mission accomplished" for Collins and Khabushani, it's at least a very promising takeoff. 


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