Awesome Parking Ticket Prank Could Brighten Your Day: Video

February 12, 2014

A parking ticket can ruin your day, especially if you have the misfortune of returning to your car while the officer is in the process of writing out the citation. In our experience, he or she is usually obstinate and unpleasant -- which is a hundred times more frustrating than just finding a slip of paper and an envelope waiting quietly under your windshield wiper. 

And that's exactly the sort of vexing situation that comedian and prankster Sam Pepper tried to create as he donned a fake security outfit and began distributing tickets to drivers who were, by all appearances, legally parked. As you'll see from the clip above, each tries to argue with him, but Sam simply apologizes and walks away, leaving the drivers standing open-mouthed beside their vehicles, fuming.

Then, they open the envelopes Sam has left on their windshields, to find handwritten notes that say "Have a nice day!", accompanied by a few bucks in cash. They realize they've been had, they smile, and you can tell that inside, they're kicking themselves for getting so upset (and maybe for being fooled).

Frankly, we might've guessed something was up when we saw Sam's outfit, which looks only marginally authoritative. And the "tickets" he's handing out don't look terribly official, either. Still, we wouldn't mind being duped like this every now and then.

[via Mashable]


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