Audi Fan Creates Outstanding Ad Riffing On The Sochi Winter Olympics Snowflake Fail

February 11, 2014

Once upon a time, advertising was a long, drawn-out process. The Don Drapers of the world took months to develop slogans, refine logos, and copyedit commercials before unleashing them on consumers.

Then came the internet, and eventually, social media. Together, they changed the way that we think about and practice marketing. Nowadays, advertising can happen on-the-fly, in near-real time, as we saw beautifully demonstrated by Oreos during the 2013 Super Bowl broadcast.  

Audi's social media team was on high-alert during this year's Super Bowl, Snapchatting their little hearts out in a campaign that left us feeling "meh". Too bad that they weren't quite as focused on the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia: one particularly clever Audi enthusiast has shown just what they missed.

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On Reddit yesterday, user Minusguy submitted the photo above, with the title, "New Audi ad. Nailed it." The image riffs on the now-widely-known "snowflake fail" that marred the games' opening ceremony, using the tagline, "When four rings is all you need". (BTW, the man responsible for the technical flaw wasn't killed by Russian thugs. Just in case you were wondering.) The post raced to Reddit's front page, with more than 47,000 up-votes.

Sadly, when Mashable queried Audi, the automaker acknowledged that it wasn't an official image, but one created by a fan. Which only makes sense because, as a certain Reddit user commented: "[I]f Audi actually ran this they'd undoubtedly fall afoul of the legal team of the Russian Olympic committee. Edit: Russia would kill all of Audi."

Still, nice work. Someone has a future in advertising, we think.


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