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February 4, 2014

David Hasselhoff and KITT from Knight Rider


We agree with Friedman: V2V is a game-changer. It promises to improve auto safety dramatically, and it speeds the arrival of autonomous cars (which are coming, whether you like it or not).

Our biggest concerns about V2V are:

1) Its cost to consumers: We expect that by the time V2V debuts, the technology will have become exponentially less expensive than it would be today, but undoubtedly, it'll have some effect on the price of new cars. Will it be a few hundred bucks? A thousand? And will consumers balk at the price hike, or will they see it as a wash, when weighed against the cost of collision repairs and medical bills that V2V might help them avoid?

2) Its effectiveness: Obviously, V2V won't really be useful until a significant number of cars on the road have the technology. What counts as a "significant number"? Similar studies of autonomous vehicles claim that consumers will feel the effect when just ten percent of cars are self-driving. Does that figure hold true for V2V, too? If not, what's the tipping point?

3) Its vulnerability to hackers and effect on privacy: What safeguards will NHTSA demand in order to prevent our vehicles from being hacked? And what will drivers give up in the way of privacy when our cars become networked?

4) Its vulnerability to politicians: Other NHTSA regulations -- like the one mandating back-up cameras on all new cars -- have been stalled for political reasons. Will foes of regulation put up a fight to stall the roll-out of V2V? How long will they fight the inevitable?

Share your thoughts on V2V -- and add your own concerns -- in the comments below.


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