Audi & Acoustic Guitarist Sarah McLachlan Ask: Won't You Please Pity The Doberhuahua?

January 23, 2014

With every passing hour, we edge closer to Super Bowl XLVII. And with every passing day, we encounter another teaser for a new Super Bowl ad.

Today's teaser comes from Audi, which has asked folk temptress and Lilith Fair mastermind Sarah McLachlan to bring you a special message about a poor, misunderstood creature that needs your help: the Doberhuahua.

Unlike the underwhelming teaser we saw earlier this week from Audi's parent company, Volkswagen, this clip is a full-blown case of WTF. But somehow, it manages to make sense -- or at least it keeps us entertained, which is all we really ask.

As you'll see from the video embedded above, Audi is having some fun with McLachlan, who's got a reputation for starring in teary, emotionally manipulative commercials in support of animal shelters. There she sits on the front porch of some homey, modest, pet-friendly bunglalow -- in Austin, we're guessing, or possibly Ann Arbor -- bemoaning the fate of the pitiful Doberhuahua.

McLachlan's spiel and her tongue-in-cheek song are intercut with mildly disturbing, heavily Photoshopped images of the mythical creature as it playfully tugs at the hems of dresses and cuddles with kittens and baby ducks. Presumably, the Doberhuahua is also the dog referenced in a different teaser clip from Audi that debuted on Tuesday, though we didn't get to see any images of it.

What does it all mean? We can't say for sure, but Audi is clearly working the "big dog in a little body" theme. That suggests a promo for something in the A3 family, but we won't know for certain until February 2. Stay tuned.


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