Nissan Steps Further Into Wearable Tech & Takes On Google Glass (Video)

November 12, 2013

As we discussed yesterday, advances in technology are forcing companies to reevaluate the products they sell and, more importantly, the way they do business.

Consider Tesla. Improvements in battery storage, charging technology, and the like have given this California upstart several advantages over its venerable Detroit rivals -- rivals whose size often works against them, preventing them from being as nimble as the new kid on the block.

Then, there's Google, which began as a simple search engine. Over time, Google's cash reserves and its diverse, creative labor pool have allowed the company to move in new and exciting directions, like the development of autonomous cars.

Now, Nissan seems to be following Google off the beaten path. Back in September, the Japanese automaker unveiled a gadget called the Nismo Smartwatch, and now, Nissan has posted a video for something dubbed the "3E", which is clearly meant to give Google Glass a run for its money.

The description on YouTube says that the 3E "is a glasses-type wearable device currently under development. The device can be connected to the Internet in real time, allowing the users to overlay acquired information on the glasses, record projected images, have communications with others by sending information to their glasses, etc." The 3E will debut during the Tokyo Motor Show, which kicks off next week.


We're not sure what to think of the 3E just yet. The over-long, artsy teaser (embedded above) isn't winning us over, and the product design looks terrible. After all, Google Glass may interfere with the field of vision, but the 3E looks one elastic strap short of an eyepatch. Then again, Nissan has staked its reputation in recent years on quirky industrial design, so maybe it's to be expected.

Nor are we sure what to think about Nissan's foray into the field of wearable devices. We understand that technology can lead companies down unexpected paths, but is the 3E a magical rabbit hole or a laughable dead end?

For more on the 3E, check out our colleagues at Motor Authority.


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