Survey: 25 Percent Would Give Up Sex To Be Traffic-Free

October 29, 2013
Scout/Telenav survey - risky driver behaviors

Scout/Telenav survey - risky driver behaviors

The daily wear and tear of traffic really gets to us. So much, it seems, that we're willing to give up some things we treasure—and perhaps some stress relievers—in order to be free of the grasp of gridlock.

In a recent survey, more than a quarter of those polled said that they would give up sex for a week in exchange for a week without traffic.

We should add, however, that women were two and a half times as likely to say they'd choose this option and abstain.

You can take my Starbucks, but don't touch my phone

Across the board, nearly half would give up alcohol or social media for a week in return for being traffic-free, while more than a third would give up caffeine. Only one in five would give up their smartphone though.

While it's not all that surprising is what we like to call the 'higher than thou' disconnect—that 99 percent of drivers surveyed said that they found other drivers frustrating at some time, yet most went on to report plenty of dangerous behaviors of their own—including things like eating, applying makeup, or reading behind the wheel. Tailgating and phone use led the reasons why (69 and 65 percent, respectively) respondents were frustrated with other drivers.

Don't you dare be... as risky as I am

What was especially surprising is what drivers said that they would do if they knew other drivers couldn't see them. In this scenario, more than half said that they might sing aloud in their cars and nearly a third might pick their nose—and a surprising 9 percent responded that they would consider driving naked.

The survey was conducted in August by Harris Interactive, on behalf of Scout GPS Maps and Telenav, and it's based on the online responses of 2,034 adult drivers age 18 and older.

Click the infographic to see more of the rather risque details.


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