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October 17, 2013
From The Car Connection:

Happy 40th Birthday, 1973 Oil Crisis!

Last week, Israeli Defense Forces commemorated the 40th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War with a series of tweets (one of which was misread by investors, causing a brief spike in oil prices). Most Americans don't remember the details of the war, but many remember its aftermath: the OAPEC oil embargo and the subsequent U.S. gas crisis.

Study: Drowsy Drivers Three Times More Likely To Have Auto Accidents

Every so often, it is our duty to remind you of the painfully obvious. This is one of those times. So please bear with us when we say: if you're sleepy behind the wheel, you're much more likely to be involved in an automobile accident than if you were wide awake.

2014 Acura MDX Review

Those who want a utility vehicle that's sensible and practical yet also luxurious and enjoyable to drive should place the 2014 Acura MDX near the top of their shopping list. For for more than a decade, Acura has honed the MDX into a remarkably sharp-looking, responsive-driving vehicle that doesn't include a lot of compromise.

Nano structured batteries and super capacitors integrated into carbon fiber panel

Nano structured batteries and super capacitors integrated into carbon fiber panel

From Motor Authority:

Volvo Shows Body Panels That Could Replace Batteries In Electric Cars

Volvo is working together with independent research groups to develop a means of energy storage for future electric cars that does away completely with traditional battery and super capacitor systems, which typically carry considerable weight and take up a lot of space. The solution is a new type of material that integrates nano structured batteries and super capacitors together with carbon fiber, and which can be formed into body panels for a car.

2015 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (C190) Spy Shots

Talk of a new sports car built along the lines of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG dates back all the way to 2011, with numerous reports on the car, which was previously thought to be called an SLC AMG, emerging over the years. A very early test mule based on the SLS was spotted last year, though plans for this car were shelved on the basis it would be too expensive compared to its intended rivals, namely, the Porsche 911, Audi R8 and even Nissan's GT-R.

2015 Hyundai Genesis To Debut HTRAC All-Wheel-Drive System

Hyundai next year will launch a successor to its award-winning Genesis sedan, which is shaping up to be much more capable and dynamic than the model it replaces. Not only is the car being tested extensively at some of the toughest race tracks around the world, such as Germany’s Nürburgring and Korea’s Yeongam F1 circuit, but it will also be offered with an available all-wheel-drive system for the first time.

2015 Chevrolet Impala Bi-Fuel Natural Gas

2015 Chevrolet Impala Bi-Fuel Natural Gas

From Green Car Reports:

2015 Chevrolet Impala To Be Offered As Bi-Fuel Model With Natural-Gas Tank

Natural gas has so far made little impact in the automotive sector, at least when it comes to passenger vehicles. As new extraction techniques such as fracking increase domestic supply of the gas, that could change--and Chevrolet will become the second manufacturer to sell a production passenger car powered by natural gas next year with a bi-fuel 2015 Chevrolet Impala.

2014 Range Rover Hybrid: Drive Reports Emerge For Diesel-Electric SUV U.S. Won't Get

Land Rover hasn't exactly cultivated a reputation for environmental friendliness over its history. While its products have always been adept at forging through the wilderness, it could be argued that its engines, rather than its tires, have done the most damage to the natural world. Still, Jaguar-Land Rover's commercial, technological and environmental progress has been relentless in recent years and from it comes the new Range Rover Hybrid.

South Park Doesn't Think Too Highly Of The Tesla Model S (Or Maybe It Does)

You can say a lot of things about South Park -- it's crude, it's offensive, it's predictable -- but you can't accuse creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone of being clueless about pop culture. Which makes us wonder: why the bejeebus did it take them so long to crank out a Tesla joke?


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