America's Favorite Food To Eat Behind The Wheel Is...

September 25, 2013

Like Lindsay Lohan and Jack Daniels or Mickey Rourke and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, eating and driving make a terrible pair.  

For starters, munching behind the wheel is a distraction. No, it doesn't receive as much attention in the press as texting, talking, or tweeting, but eating and driving is just bad -- in fact, it may be worse, since we don't consider it as dangerous as the others.

Also, it can be messy. And plenty of moms, dads, and Europeans insist that eating on the go is bad for digestion. (Not that we always heed the advice of mom, dad, or Europe.)

And so, in yet another example of America's fascination with listicles and all things Buzzfeed, the folks at polled 1,500 licensed drivers age 25 and older, asking them what they preferred to eat behind the wheel. And the winners are:

1. Candy bars
2. French fries
3. Potato chips
4. Chicken nuggets
5. Doughnuts
6. Fresh fruit
7. Hamburgers
8. Breakfast sandwiches
9. Other (mostly granola bars and nuts)
10. Sandwiches
11. Hot dogs
12. Ice cream cones
13. Burritos
14. Pizza
15. Tacos

Naturally, respondents were also asked to rate the worst foods for snacking on the go: 

1. Soup
2. Spaghetti
3. Ribs
4. Salad
5. Nachos

We would've put lobster and crab on the list, too, but maybe that's just us.

And last but not least, surveyers asked participants to reveal the source of their favorite to-go noshes:

1. McDonald's
2. Dunkin' Donuts
3. Wendy's
4. Other
5. Starbucks
6. Burger King
7. Sonic Drive-In
8. Chick-fil-A
9. Taco Bell
10. Subway
11. Jack in the Box
12. Dairy Queen
13. KFC
14. Arby's
15. Panera Bread
16. Pizza Hut
17. Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen
18. Domino's Pizza
19. Chipotle Mexican Grill
20. Papa John's
21. Hardee's

In our opinion, the most interesting about that list is the distance between McDonald's and Burger King. Seriously, are they that different?

Also of note: Hardee's technically received zero percent of the vote. Which, if we recall our childhoods correctly, sounds about right.  


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