Yes, Miss Ross! New Ford Fiesta Web Series Driven By Demanding Divas

September 18, 2013

Here are the facts, as best we can gather:

  • The Ford Fiesta is heavily targeted to young drivers.
  • Young drivers love music, especially live music.
  • Musicians love performing for appreciative crowds, and also chilling in their dressing rooms. 
  • Those dressing rooms are filled with junk that is specified in riders attached to the musicians' contracts. Generally, the more famous the artist, the more obscure the junk. So, your Bananarama tribute band might be able to score a six-pack of Coke Zero, but megastar Lady Gaga can insist on limited-edition Coke Zero Gold with Jagermeister, prepared by six Mariah Carey impersonators and served in fair-trade bamboo chalices imported from the Kingdom of Bhutan.

According to the New York Times, Ford has added all these facts together and come up with The Rider Challenge, a new web series intended to promote the 2014 Fiesta. 

Like many, many web challenges we've seen before, The Rider Challenge involves teams zipping around town in the car at the center of the campaign (in this case, the Fiesta). What's different this go-round is that the teams aren't just challenged to find random objects in a scavenger hunt, they're charged with locating every item on a rider for a band's green room.

What those items might be remains to be seen. They could be simple, like Trent Reznor's demand for two boxes of cornstarch. Then again, they could be tougher, like Iggy Pop's requirement that a Bob Hope impersonator remain backstage at every show.

The bands at the heart of the series include Fall Out Boy, Kid Cudi, and the Magnetic Zeros. In all, The Rider Challenge will consist of 18 episodes, each about five minutes long. The first rolls out on Monday, September 30, though there's a preview clip already posted at the campaign's website,


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