A $7.5M Gold Lamborghini, GM's Tesla Rival, Our Dying Infrastructure: What's New @ The Car Connection

September 17, 2013

From The Car Connection:

America, The Beautiful (Except Bridges, Which Need $3.6 Trillion Of Work)

To some of us, road trips are among life's great pleasures. Ambling down a scenic byway, a full can of Red Bull/Diet Coke/chamomile tea in our hand/cupholder/lap, the wind in our hair/eyes/bald spot: these are the things we live for. What we don't live for, or might not be able to live with: a crumbling infrastructure with a $3.6T replacement cost.

Saturday In San Diego: Test Out An EV At Electric Vehicle Day

At the turn of the 21st century, hybrids were brand new, and car customers were curious but wary. Now we're all about electric cars, and if you count yourself among that number and you live near San Diego, California, you'll have the chance to get an up-close-and-personal look at electric cars the weekend of September next weekend at Electric Vehicle Day.

Triumph TR6 russet brown, TR-Register.co.uk

Triumph TR6 russet brown, TR-Register.co.uk

From Motor Authority:

$7.5 Million Solid Gold Lamborghini: In Dubai, Of Course

When you have, quite literally, everything--or at least the capacity to buy everything--what do you want? Solid gold models of $400,000 cars, apparently.

15 Car Color Names That Are Just Keeping It Real (Or Are Maybe A Little Too Honest)

Grimace? A Whiter Shade Of Sarah Palin? These car colors are just trying to keep it real.

Center-Steer, Back-Seat Driving Nissan Patrol: Crazy Insane, Or Insane Crazy?

There's nothing about this Nissan Patrol that makes sense. We love it while hating it. What's so different? There are no driver controls in the front row.

Tesla Motors Supercharger network in Summer 2013 - released May 2013

Tesla Motors Supercharger network in Summer 2013 - released May 2013

From Green Car Reports:

Surprise: Take Cars Off Roads, Air Gets Much, Much Clearer

It stands to reason: Take all vehicles off the roads, and the air will get cleaner. But now we can answer the question, "How much?" And it turns out that the answer is, "A lot."

GM Developing Tesla Model E Rival: 200-Mile, $30,000 Electric Car?

So far, the Tesla Model S is alone among plug-in electric cars in providing 200 miles or more of electric range. But as Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] prepares to roll out its more affordable Model E late in 2016, it may face serious competition from General Motors.

Sorting Out The Superchargers: Doing Tesla Math For Forbes 

Business publisher Forbes released a piece yesterday that it couched as a rebuttal to a Green Car Reports article published last week. We reported on Tesla's efforts to install 18 new Superchargers by the summer of 2013, a goal it announced months ago. The Forbes piece claims that Tesla had met its goal. Unfortunately, that's simply not true.

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