The Car Connection Adds Disqus Commenting

September 6, 2013

If you're logging in today to chime in with The Car Connection's other readers--to comment on our stories--you'll find a new interface that's replaced our outgoing commenting system: Disqus.

Disqus is one of the most widely used commenting tools on the Web, and we're pleased to be able to plug you in right away on all new articles at The Car Connection published after today. Here are the basics, and some tips on using Disqus, if you're new to it.

Your old login still works

No danger zone here--the logins you've used for years still will work on TCC. If you're trying to login with an existing High Gear Media login name and password (or your Facebook account) as before, it still should work. That's why for most users, the transition to Disqus will be seamless.

Looking at older stories, the former TCC commenting system will remain in place. Those comments will remain live too, even after this transition.

If you're commenting on a new story with Disqus and are trying to use a Facebook login, you may need to log out and back in of the Facebook plug-in on our pages, simply to register with the new commenting system. That will create a new Disqus profile and account for you.

Likewise, if you used our proprietary login system, it remains in effect for older stories and comments. You will remain logged in to comment in that way, on those older stories--but that login will not work on Disqus-enabled new stories.

If you have a former Disqus profile and create a new one on our system, Disqus will allow you to merge them. Simply click the Settings icon and go to Edit Settings to change that information within Disqus itself.

Green Car Reports comments using new Disqus system

Green Car Reports comments using new Disqus system

All the new things

Disqus lets us bring you many new features with a universal login that you can carry to many other websites. Some of our favorite new features include:

  • the ability to edit and delete your own comments
  • the ability to format comments with HTML (live links will be subject to moderation)
  • the ability to log in with High Gear Media, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and old or new Disqus accounts

The Disqus commenting system has a whole host of new features; there’s a great guide here. Comments are sorted by quality, with the best responses gauged by other users and lifted to the top of the comment chain. Sorting by old>new or vice versa is an option.

Finally, we'd like to make you aware of a few things that Disqus enables:

  • Comments made on Disqus are public, and can be searched on sites such as Google or Bing
  • That encourages civil discourse--and so do we
  • Lastly, commenting on new TCC stories will create a new Disqus profile, which is made public on
Issues? Comment or e-mail us

We think Disqus will help us talk with you more often about our stories, and will put you in touch more easily with other commentors. We're also aware it's a new feature that may need some improvements in the coming weeks.

If you uncover an issue with Disqus on The Car Connection, let us know by commenting here--and if for some reason that isn't possible, send a note directly to feedback (at) highgearmedia (dot) com. Please use the subject line "TCC Disqus commenting."


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