It's Funny 'Cause It's True: CarTube

August 19, 2013

The interior of your car is a lot more distracting than it used to be.

Not only do you have the same family and friends gabbing in your ear that you've always had, the same kids fighting in the backseat, the same hot coffee sloshing onto your lap, the same terrible talk radio stations forcing you to fiddle with the tuning knob, but you (or some of you) are also juggling phone calls, email, text messages, maps, and concierge services. 

The federal government is working with automakers to minimize those problems -- or at least contain them -- but to absolutely no one's surprise, the technology of distraction is moving much faster than the bureaucrats. As a result, the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better.

How much worse? The wiseguys at Barely Political offer their spin on things with the completely fictitious (we hope) CarTube.

As the host of the clip embedded above says, "You can watch [YouTube] on any mobile device, except for the most important mobile device: your car. But those days are in the rearview now. Introducing CarTube! We start with a car, and then add YouTube to it...." And the rest of the piece speaks for itself.

What's interesting about this video isn't that it's funny (though it certainly is). It's the fact that CarTube rings so true.

We're not saying that automakers plan to post YouTube clips on your car's windows anytime soon. But then again, how far is that from the heads-up displays we've seen depicted on recent concept cars (some of which are heading to assembly lines)? 

Nor are we saying that any car company plans to eliminate rearview mirrors. But then again, how many dozens of YouTube clips have you seen of video bloggers speaking on camera while driving? And let's not get started on folks who apply makeup behind the wheel -- a problem so rampant that Volkswagen created a special distracted-driving clip last year to highlight it.

In other words, technology may seem like the problem, but, to paraphrase gun-rights advocates: YouTube doesn't distract people, people distract people (with YouTube videos).

As an added bonus, be sure to pause the clip at 2:25 and check out the fine print. It may be the best thing you read today. Except for our stellar car news, of course. 


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