30 Days Of Audi Allroad: Gas Mileage Wrap-Up

July 1, 2013
Many of the vehicles you see reviews for here at The Car Connection have been tested by our editorial team for a week at a time—at least once, and in many cases several times. But we've done something different with the 2013 Audi Allroad—putting it through the paces for a full month.

To your benefit, that's meant that we've gotten to know the Allroad a bit better than we have some other models on the market—allowing us to see some likes and dislikes beyond our existing full review of the 2013 Allroad and really put it through the paces of 'normal' driving. And as we've done that, we've carefully watched gas mileage, both through the gauge cluster's trip computer, and through a fuel log.

The Allroad's trip computer allows both a per-trip average and a resettable average, and on a per-trip basis we've kept an eye on it all along. Per-trip averages have ranged from less than 18 mpg for some short stop-and-go city errands up to more than 30 mpg in some gentle highway trips in free-flowing traffic.

This stout all-weather, all-wheel-drive wagon is definitely capable of mileage numbers exceeding its 20-mpg city, 27 highway EPA ratings, and we remain convinced that its highway rating especially is quite pessimistic. In our gas-mileage run—a 41-mile loop of very mindful driving—we managed to average nearly 33 mpg; and in a separate highway test, with the cruise control set to 70 mpg and the A/C on, we averaged nearly 35 mpg.

And now, it's nearly a wrap. We've done our final, careful top-off of the fuel tank, and have a much clearer picture than we originally did of what kind of gas mileage the Allroad will return in everyday driving.

Altogether, over 989 miles and about a month with the Allroad, we averaged 24.2 miles per gallon. Even splicing out the gentle mileage-test portion of that, it still figures out to be 23.9 mpg—higher than the EPA Combined number of 23 mpg.

Considering that we do tend to drive with a heavier right foot than most, that's phenomenally good mileage, and it should figure into any comparison you make against key rivals.

Catch up on our entire 2013 Audi Allroad run here, and as always, follow The Car Connection on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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