30 Days Of Audi Allroad: Five Things We Don't Like

June 29, 2013
2013 Audi allroad

2013 Audi allroad

As you spend more time with a car—as we have with the 2013 Audi Allroad in an extended test—you’re not only more likely to see some additional strengths (which we pointed out in this companion post on our five favorite features) but also see a few more of its flaws. And at the very least, you're bound to note some areas where you wish the car would be designed a bit differently.

There really aren't very many of those things we've found for the Allroad; yet a few details are worth pointing out:

  • Where is the telephone button on the steering wheel? For social media manager Joel Feder and myself, this has been a complaint in the Allroad from day one. As we outline in our post on the Allroad’s Multi-Media Interface (MMI), we make a call, and if we've touched anything else in the meantime after leaving a voicemail or finishing the call we're left fiddling for an easy way to simply hang up. Maybe we’re too fidgety (moving on to other actions during the course of a call), but if we’ve looked at trip-computer functions or dialed up anything else in the center display during the conversation, there’s no easy way to just hang up and we need to use the steering-wheel Mode button then thumb-wheel toggle, in several steps, to hang up.
  • Side mirrors don’t always tilt down on reversing. In quite a few models we’ve driven, the moment you shift into Reverse the right side mirror tilts down to give you a better view of the rear wheel in relation to the curb. Why doesn’t our Allroad always just do it? In part, because you need to remember to tilt the adjustment knob to the right side.
  • No frontal parking sensors. Our car has a rear camera system and backup sensors but no frontal sensor. I’m 6’-6” and tend to sit with a rather upright position, and I can’t see the front corner over the bulbous hood, so I think that this would be a relatively common issue with the car, remedied with just a little sonar or camera help in front.
  • The obstinate power tailgate. Put simply, we didn’t find the sluggish, somewhat shuddery operation of the tailgate to be in character with the rest of the car. Was there something wrong with the mechanism in our car? We’re not sure; but it has neither German precision now German efficiency, and with its weird, slow mechanism we see no way to bypass it and simply use our arms—which seems like the natural way given the rather short, light hatch.
  • Tight back-seat legroom. Here’s one that we have indeed covered before, but it warrants some emphasis for any who considered (or owned) the Allroad in its previous iteration. The Allroad used to be based on the A6; it’s now based on the smaller A4. And even though the A4 has grown a little longer in recent years, taller adults are going to find the Allroad short on back-seat legroom.


Stay tuned for more. Follow our month-long 2013 Audi Allroad test here, and as always, follow The Car Connection on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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