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June 10, 2013
2013 Audi Allroad

2013 Audi Allroad

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Realistically, more than 30 mpg on the highway

On a warm, 79-degree Saturday afternoon, leaving the automatic climate control on and set to 72 degrees, windows up, and sound system on. Setting the cruise control to an indicated 70 mph, we ran the Allroad along a mostly level stretch of Interstate nearby—when traffic was very light—for exactly ten miles (indicated by mileposts and checked with the trip computer). In one direction we saw 35.1 mpg on the trip computer, while back in the other direction we saw 34.0 mpg.

Even factoring in some breaks, and a little more speed fluctuation due to traffic, this is a car that we feel will easily top 30 mpg on the highway at speeds of 65 to 70.

Then we put the Allroad through our familiar Portland-area gas-mileage loop. Over 40 miles—about half on the freeway, a quarter in tighter, lower-speed urban driving, and a quarter in faster suburban stop-and-go with lots of traffic lights—we didn't hypermile or resort to any tactics that might clog traffic or elicit road rage. Rather, we headed out at a time when traffic was light and just tried to drive as smoothly as possible—accelerating gradually, and lifting off the accelerator to coast a while earlier than we normally might.

Again, with outside temps in the upper 70s, we ran the climate control at 72 degrees and 'auto' when at highway speeds, or windows-down and climate control off at lower speeds.

Close to 30 mpg on the commute? It’s possible, only if you’re a featherfoot

The final numbers: 32.3 mpg according to the trip computer, or 32.9 mpg based on our very careful fill and top-off of the tank before and after. Considering a surprise snag at one point along the way due to a stalled vehicle, we’ll call it 33 mpg.

The Allroad does require premium fuel; but even considering that, it’s phenomenal for a stocky quattro all-wheel-drive wagon, with the responsive performance that its 2.0-liter turbocharged 'TFSI' engine and six-speed automatic manages.

How will the Allroad fare over the entire month, and out on a road trip? Stay tuned for that, and check back in for all of our 30 Days of Audi Allroad coverage.


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