Warning: This Drunk-Driving Video May Give You A Heart Attack

June 7, 2013

Do not click "play" on the video above just yet.

First, clear the surrounding area of all liquids. Half-full coffee cups, entirely full water bottles, bowls of soup: whatever you've got, put it aside.

Next, if you wear adult diapers or pads, please ensure that you're wearing the proper gear. If you don't, consider suiting up, just this once. 

And last, if you're on heart medication of any kind, please take it now. In fact, why don't you just skip to the next story? Nothing ruins a Friday like a trip to the emergency room.

Okay, now you can press "play". We'll wait.


HOLY CRAP, right?

We've seen restroom mirrors used in drunk-driving campaigns before, but this takes the genre to a completely new level.

The event itself is the work of advertising powerhouse Leo Burnett, and it's set in an unassuming London pub. Guys mosey into the john (they probably call it "the loo") to take care of business, then, while their washing up, blammo!

Sadly, this isn't "real" footage; it's staged, with actors playing the part of bar patrons. Then again, the effects of the crash and the blood look so authentic because they're three-dimensional, not just video. Re-setting this every 15 seconds for real patrons at a real bar would be a nightmare. And it might also generate a few lawsuits.

The clip is running on British television as part of a drunk-driving awareness campaign funded by London's Department for Transportation. We think it's pretty effective, but share your own thoughts in the comments below.

[via Mashable


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