Six Rules Of The Road You Should Observe (But Probably Won't) Page 3

May 2, 2013
Angry Driver with Road Rage

Angry Driver with Road Rage

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So making sure your headlights are aimed correctly (ask the mechanic to check next time you take your car in for service) is one rule of headlight etiquette.

Another is to be aware of which beam you have on.

Most drivers actually don't use their high beams enough, it turns out--but those that do often forget to dip the lights for oncoming traffic.

We drive on a lot of rural roads, and we spend more time than we should flashing oncoming cars to let them know that they're blinding us.

Look for the dashboard light that indicates high beams--and know which you're using. Always.

(6) Get off your damn phone.

We're deadly serious. By now, all of us can tell who's on the phone just by their erratic driving.

You're the person who unknowingly slowed down to 10 mph below the speed of prevailing traffic--regardless of what lane you're in--and then, once you realize it, sped up to 10 mph above and roared past us.

Until we passed you again, doing 10 mph under in the right lane, again.

Talking on the phone--regardless of whether it's hands-free or not--affects your concentration as badly as three drinks do.

Tracking cell phone signals to monitor traffic

Tracking cell phone signals to monitor traffic

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While some data seems to indicate that phones aren't the worst cause of distraction while driving, the drivers we see on the phone--a lot of them--have slower reaction times and are far, far more erratic in their driving.

It's even more serious for teenagers.

And if you're on the phone while you're driving, you probably have other bad habits that make you even more distracted behind the wheel.

It ought to be crushingly obvious, but--for the record--checking Google Maps and texting on your phone is equally distracting. Duh.

You know it's wrong. The U.S. Department of Transportation is very worried. And you also know you won't get fired if you let that work call go to voice-mail.

But in the end, none of us cares about your excuses.

We just want you to get off your damn device and Pay. Attention. To. Driving.


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