Study: Women May Be Better At Avoiding Traffic Tickets

April 19, 2013

We all know the feeling: we're running late for work, or trying to get to the beach a little faster than we should, when we turn a corner and see Officer Friendly pointing his radar gun squarely at us. We brake, but too late: the flashing lights go off, and we pull over.

Our next emotion is usually panic. "What should I say? What's my excuse?" But a new survey from Seattle-based auto insurer PEMCO reveals that your gender, rather than your excuse, may help determine whether or not you receive a ticket.

PEMCO surveyed over 1,000 folks in Washington state and Oregon about their driving habits. As part of the poll, respondents were asked how often they'd been pulled over by police. Roughly 66% admitted that they'd been stopped over more than twice, and 25% said that they'd been pulled over at least four times.

But despite those numbers, only 10% of PEMCO's survey respondents said that they've always received tickets after being pulled over. And in fact, half of those surveyed report that they've never or rarely been ticketed.

Interestingly, PEMCO's data shows that men are more likely to get pulled over by the cops. That may be due, in part, to simple statistics: even though more women are licensed drivers, men do far more driving. But those women who had been pulled over were more likely to tell PEMCO that they'd never or rarely received tickets.

We won't speculate too much on the takeaways of PEMCO's survey -- after all, they don't offer any data on the gender of respondents, which might've skewed the results. But the next time you're late for an event, consider putting a woman behind the wheel. At the very least, she's more likely to get you there in one piece.


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