Canary App Pecks Away At Distracted Driving

January 17, 2013

Texting and driving is a terrible habit. In fact, drivers distracted by texts and phone calls account for an increasingly large proportion of deaths on America's roads. 

Countless studies have shown that the problem of distracted driving is worst among teens and young adults. Many parents have had frank discussions with their kids about the dangers of texting and driving, but some still need a way to drive the point home.

For them, there's the Canary app.

Using the accelerometers and GPS systems found in smartphones, Canary offers a range of features for parents and guardians who want to keep a close eye on their kid(s). Simply install Canary on your child's iPhone or Android device, and you'll receive a text message anytime:

  • The phone is activated or unlocked while moving faster than 12 miles per hour.
  • A text is sent from the phone when it is moving faster than 12 miles per hour. (Android only)
  • A call is made or received from the phone when it is moving faster than 12 miles per hour.
  • The phone is traveling faster than the posted speed limit.
  • The phone travels outside an area that the parent has pre-approved.
  • The phone (and presumably its owner) aren't home before curfew.
  • Canary is disabled on the child's phone.

Parents can use Canary on their own phones to see the date, time, and location at which these infractions occur.  

Interestingly, Canary doesn't prohibit teens from using their phones, like some other distracted driving apps. That means that the burden of restraint is entirely on the child. 

Canary is free for the first seven days. After that, you'll need to cough up a $7.99 monthly subscription fee. However, subscribers can include an unlimited number of phones under one account (which is good news for Brady-sized families). And the company behind Canary, 52apps, says that a portion of funds generated from subscriptions will be given to "distracted driving awareness and education programs".

If Canary has piqued your interest, check out the full website FAQ at, and be sure to watch the demo video above. If not, you can still take steps to prevent your teens from texting on the go: remember, they're just mirroring your own behavior.

[via Mashable]

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