10 Tips to Get The Junk Out Of The Family Car Page 2

January 5, 2013

2013 Ford Escape

Don’t forget to look under the seats. Maybe you think that it’s only what you can clearly see that matters, but there is also quite a bit of junk that may be hidden underneath seats. Magazines you thought you’d read while waiting for someone at the mall or the doctor’s office, paper maps and Trip-Tiks, directions you scribbled down in case you needed them – pull the stuff out and give it the boot.

Unearth goodies from the console. One side benefit of cleaning out the front-seat console may be the treasure trove of coins you discover. While cupholders may initially prove a handy receptacle for change, it usually winds up going into the console when you can’t fit your portable beverage into the cupholders. Bring a plastic baggie or a cup with you and plop the coins into it to take into the house and count. Better yet, keep a container in the house or garage where you accumulate the money until you decide to do something with the largesse.

Clean out the trunk. By far the largest area and biggest junk accumulator is generally the trunk. Here’s where most families tend to lose interest in the job. After all, that’s where the spare tire (or spare tire inflation kit) is stored, along with a first-aid kit which, by the way, every family car should have. But you probably forget it’s also home to numerous items you may have displaced from inside the car to a less conspicuous place. This doesn’t mean these items belong in the trunk. Be ruthless and clean the trunk as carefully as you would the car’s interior.

Get thee to a car organizer. After you’ve gone through the inside of the car and the trunk and gotten rid of what you can, you’re still likely to have some stuff that you feel you need to keep in the car. Fortunately for you, there are a number of car organizers available to help keep these things from flying around and/or piling up. Whether it’s an expandable compartmentalized grocery bag holder for the trunk or other types of organizers, these are inexpensive and very practical ways to keep things in order.

Make it a family affair. Why go it alone in getting the junk out of the family car, especially since what you’re dealing with is the result of the habits of everyone in the family? Decide to have a family car clean-out party, set up a day and a time, and cap it all off with a celebratory meal out or a pizza that’s delivered. Turn a task into a fun event.

Bottom line: Whether you consider the family vehicle a living room on wheels, a mobile office, a commuter car or a car-pool participant, every household can benefit from getting rid of the junk that has no business being there.

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