The Top 100 Global Brands: How Does Your Automaker Rank?

October 4, 2012

On Tuesday, we shared year-to-date sales stats for most automakers, but sales aren't the only way to measure a company's health. Interbrand takes a broader view of corporate value, and the marketing firm has just released its list of the top 100 global brands.

To rank companies, Interbrand looks at three factors: 

  • Financial performance (how many branded products or services a company sells)
  • The brand's role in the buying decision (how much a product or service's brand affects a shopper's purchase)
  • Brand strength (positive or negative perception of the brand, particularly in light of competitors)

On the automotive front, 13 auto brands made this year's top 100 list (including Harley Davidson). Interbrand praises today's auto industry for paying more attention to "the emotional connection consumers have with their cars" -- something that most of us have known about for years, but which sometimes gets lost in the bureaucracy of building ad campaigns.

Interbrand gives specific shout-outs to Audi's all-digital showroom, Audi City; Ford's improvements to the MyTouch infotainment system; and target-marketing efforts developed by BMW and Hyundai.

The firm also heaps heavy praise on Nissan. Like other Japanese automakers, Nissan was deeply affected by natural disasters in 2011. But in spite of all that, it's worked hard to innovate and to create striking (if somewhat controversial) vehicles like the Juke and the recently unveiled Terra SUV concept. By Interbrand's calculations, Nissan's brand value jumped 30% over the past year.

The companies at the very top of Interbrand's list of Best Global Brands are the ones you'd probably expect: Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, IBM, and Microsoft. But automakers weren't far behind. Here's a rundown of those who made the top 100:

10. Toyota

11. Mercedes-Benz

12. BMW

21. Honda

39. Volkswagen

45. Ford

53. Hyundai

55. Audi

72. Porsche

73. Nissan

87. Kia

96. Harley Davidson

99. Ferrari

Sadly, that's as far as Interbrand's list goes, so we can't tell you much about those who didn't make the cut. However, Interbrand has posted some details about its methodology. Marketing nerds, have a look at the video clip below.

Did your brand make Interbrand's Top 100 list? If so, do you agree with its rank? Sound off in the comments below.

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