Six-Month Road Test Hyundai Veloster: Rest Stop Reactions

July 30, 2012

If you've been following our adventures with the Six-Month Road Test Hyundai Veloster on social media, then you have already seen some pictures from our great American road trip. Our road trip lasted approximately three weeks and we covered quite a few miles and crossed many state lines during that time. As you might imagine, I ended up stopping at rest stops and gas stations quite often. It never failed whenever I stopped somewhere, within a minute someone would ask us about the little orange car I was driving. So what did the public have to say about the Veloster?

Many people asked me about fuel economy and whether it really achieved 40 mpg. Of course, I told them our mileage has varied throughout our time with the car, based on how we've driven it and in what conditions. Overall people seemed impressed with our results of averaging 30 to 32 mpg in the city and an impressive 41.4 mpg on our fuel economy loop.

I also got a lot of questions about how fast it is and what kind of engine is under the hood. Some asked if it was a V-6 or V-8 engine, never even thinking it might be a four-cylinder. We'll admit, the Veloster isn't as fast as its rakish, sporty looks suggest. In fact, it's pretty slow. Some people on the team wonder if the base Veloster should've had the turbo engine from the start. At first people seemed disappointed to learn that the Veloster isn't fast, but when I told them the fuel economy we were averaging during our testing, they seemed to be okay with the idea of a four-cylinder.

Of course people always wanted to know how much the Veloster costs. Many were shocked to learn the Veloster starts from $17,450, and our loaded tester has a sticker price of $23,420. Some people even went so far as to tell us the Veloster looks exotic and they thought it would cost at least $30,000 or $40,000. Kudos to Hyundai.

Some people just wanted to comment and provide feedback regarding the Veloster. Many people didn't realize it had a second door on the passenger side; it's hidden that well. Nearly everyone loved the interior design calling it "fun" and "very modern." The fake hood vents were found to be a bit tacky while nearly everyone commented on the panoramic sunroof, which makes nearly the entire top of the Veloster glass. Another popular feature proved to be the alloy wheels with orange-painted accents that match the car's paint.

Perhaps the best interaction happened at a BP gas station in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. I was washing the bugs off the Veloster's windshield when an elderly gentlemen approached me and said, "Boy, you listen here. Don't you get rid of that car, ever. You stick it in a barn and never get rid of it. You hear me boy? It's going to be worth a lot of money someday. Just look at those lines! Why, I haven't seen lines like that since the 50s on a Chevy. I'm tellin' you boy, you keep that car. Put it in a barn and someday it'll be worth a lot of money."

Stunned, I responded by saying thank you, and told him I would take his advice. I didn't have the heart to tell him it was a car I was testing. After he was done telling me what a barn find the Veloster would be someday, he walked back to his red Chevrolet Aveo and drove off.

So what did we learn from people's reactions while on the road? Overall people seem very positive towards the Veloster. They love the unique style and feel it offers a lot of value for the price. Some questioned the practicality of the Veloster, but many thought the styling more than made up for it. And one gentlemen thought the lines will make it a classic someday.

Hyundai seems to have a hit on its hands. But how will the car age? Will people feel as positive towards it in a few years? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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