Tonight: Pandora & Jeep Team Up For Summer Concert Series

June 14, 2012


As someone far wiser than us once said: summer's here, and the time is right for dancing in the streets. And the parks. And the underused downtown plazas. And thanks to Jeep, in your car.

That's because Jeep is sponsoring tonight's live broadcast of a concert by Yelawolf, Alabama's answer to Eminem. The performance takes place at 9:30pm at The Loft in Atlanta, but if you live outside the 404, you can listen to the action live on Pandora.

What's interesting here isn't the concert or its streaming on Pandora or even Jeep's sponsorship. 

No, what's interesting is the way in which this event represents a bounty of marketing technology, harvested for both Pandora and Jeep.

You see, Pandora is hosting several of performances over the next few months -- tonight's show in Atlanta, another in Los Angeles (July), and a third in Chicago (September). To pick its performing artists, Pandora looks at listeners in the concert area and the type of music they prefer. The process is a little like record companies choosing where artists will perform based on album sales, but in reverse.

Then, Pandora sends free tickets to Pandora members in the concert area who have favorited the artist in question. The company also provides a handful of tickets at the door.

Basically, it's a sure-fire hit: in the case of tonight's concert, the company knows that Yelawolf is popular in Atlanta, it has a direct line to his fans, and it's giving free tickets to an elite group of listeners. That's a can't-lose proposition.

What does it mean for marketers like Jeep? It means that they can tailor their advertising campaigns much, much more effectively.

We're not sure how Pandora's concert series was put together -- it could've been created solely by Pandora, which then went in search of sponsors, or Pandora could've started with the sponsor (i.e. Jeep), then worked to find an appropriate audience for both companies.

Either way, this brand of highly targeted marketing is a far cry from the "shotgun" approach advertisers have traditionally taken with network television and major newspapers.

If you're not familiar with Yelawolf's brand of rap, have a look at his auto-friendly (though not entirely work-friendly) clip called "Daddy's Lambo". If you like what you hear, you can tune in tonight for more.

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